Metal Gear Solid Delta Snake Eater title screen shared in new developer broadcast

Konami has released a 21 minute video titled Metal Gear Production Hotline, in which Metal Gear veterans Noriaki Okamura and Jiro Oishi talk about the new developments currently happening at the company. Unfortunately, there’s only a Japanese version and there are no subtitles, but website Siliconera published a summary of the topics discussed.

The first part of the program is mainly about the Master Collection, and the developers talk about the fixes that have been made so far as well as those still being worked on. A new update for the game was released just yesterday for PS4 and PS5, and further improvements will be made in future updates.

At some point in the video Metal Gear Solid Master Collection Vol. 2 is brought up, but the titles that will be included have not yet been decided, so we will have to wait a bit longer for that. When asked about plans for new games in the Metal Gear series, Okamura replied that they are currently working on Metal Gear Solid Delta, but depending on how it is received, more remakes or even brand new titles could happen.

More information on Delta will be shared in future episodes of the Metal Gear Production Hotline, but the video did conclude with a small tease: the title screen for the remake.

Speaking of Metal Gear Solid Delta, Snake voice actor David Hayter tweeted that he has played the game up to the bridge section, and that it was ‘spectacular’. Hayter also recently appeared in a Metal Gear Solid Legacy video uploaded by Konami.

Source: Metal Gear Production Hotline, Siliconera, HEITAIs

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