Kojima believes making trailers is part of the game design

Kojima announced that more trailers will be made available as the release of Metal Gear Rising draws near. He has been working on a trailer himself, and commented on this process, as well as his thoughts on making game trailers in general.

Towards the RISING release, we are making trailers available to pub. RISING trailer I am making right now won’t have any lines. But just putting images aside won’t stick in a heart.

I only have 1 or 2 hours for making RISING trailer. To save time, I am listening to one song by iPod while planning the structure, undulation, cut scenes to be used in my mind. I had to stop listening to my hobby songs for awhile.

It is global standard to let famous studios in Hollywood to create promotional trailer (w/ photo & pre-rendered full CG, photo &CG;VFX) for such high end game titles when the release date is approaching. It is last spurt, expensive but is effective indeed.

In general, game developer don’t involve themselves making promotional purpose trailer as same as TV ads. But I believe making trailer is part of game design.

Although using cut scenes or game play from the game, and further, planning structure, edits, and coming up w/ bullet lines and adding audio in in-house studio by oneself, still bit of doubt remains if asked “whether you can create something fair quality compare to one done by professionals”. But I anyway enjoy making trailer.

Source: Hideo Kojima’s Twitter

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