Sins of the Father lyrics (E3 trailer portion) released

During the KP Alert 5, the official podcast of Kojima Productions, singer and actress Donna Burke appeared as a guest on the show. They talked about her experience working on the vocal tracks of the Metal Gear series, and about the song she performed for Metal Gear Solid V, Sins of the Father.

The lyrics were written by Ludvig Forssell in collaboration with Donna Burke. It appears to some people misheard some of the words, so Kojima Productions provided a transcript, but only of the lyrics heard in the E3 2013 trailer, which is just part of the song. The rest of the song hasn’t been revealed yet.

You can read the lyrics of the E3 2013 portion below.

Pride, feeds their blackened hearts
And the thirst, must be quenched, to fuel hypocrisy
Cleansing flames, is the only way to repent
Renounce, what made you

Words that kill, would you speak them to me
With your breath so still, it makes me believe

The Sins never die, can’t wash this blood off our hands
Let the world fear us all, it’s just means to an end
Our salvation lies, In the Father’s sins,
beyond the truth, let me suffer now

In my heart I just know that there’s no way to light up the dark, in his eyes.


Notes used by Donna Burke during the recordings of Sins of the Father, with annotations by Ludvig Forssell

Source: KP Alert 5,

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