The Metal Gear Solid movie could still take three years or more

Avi Arad, the movie producer appointed to create the Metal Gear Solid movie, talked a bit about the film (among other projects) during an interview in Beijing.

Despite video game adaptations generally not being very successful in the past, Avi Arad thinks the Metal Gear Solid movie will deliver because the Metal Gear franchise has a great story, and is full of storytelling, which makes it suitable for a movie.

Arad is always looking to operas or the bible, being a storyteller, and with Metal Gear ‘you have Cain and Abel’.

Metal Gear Movie Columbia

We shouldn’t expect the movie anytime soon as it’s still in negotiations phase between studios and companies. It could take another three years or even more before the movie is finished. But Arad will be having dinner with Kojima soon.

Source: Kotaku

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