Kojima shows white iDroid iPhone case

Earlier this year an iPhone case was announced that resembles the iDroid Snake uses in Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain. Now, a white version seems to be coming as well. Kojima posted two photos showing both cases together.



For details on the regular version, go here.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • adam

    mybe this means that the iDriod in TPP is customizable?

    • César H. Sandoval

      I hope so, that would be a cool detail.

  • Josue Quintana

    OMG Quiet Mission?

  • Nekkedsnake

    Looks like a bar of white chocolate. Mmm

  • Shalashaska Has Landed..

    I prefer the black case with the subsidiary orange color & blue light.
    Looks more sleek and appealing.

    The white case with the subsidiary black color & cream-ish light, looks dull and boring, like a prototype or something. Kinda reminds me of the fourth generation Nintendo Gameboy.

  • Jack

    Ver. TGS 2014?

  • Venom Snake


    I just read that Konami is giving the PC Version of PES15 the LAST-GEN Treatment, WHAT, THE, FUKK!? This is insulting to EVERY PC Gamer with High ?End PC’s, is like the Medium PC’s could not handle the PS4 version!

    So Please Konami, don’t do the same with the PC Version of Metal Gear Solid V, don’t you give the PC Version the LAST-GEN Treatment, give it the Full NEXT-GEN PS4/X1 Treatment, our Systems can handle it!

    PS: Oh, and don’t blame the PC Sells on Piracy, since my Only Job is to Buy 1 Copy, and your Job to get Tons of people interested in buying 1 Copy, not mine, so give the PC Version as much Publicity as the PS4 and X1 Versions if you really released it on PC to sell, and not just to create a reason call PC Gamers Pirates, just because you are not able to Promote your own sh*t to get people interested in buying 1 Copy!

    • Bob Sacamano

      I wouldn’t worry about it too much, Kojima said at E3 ’13 that a potential PC version would be “on par with current-gen consoles” (Considering that the PS4 and the Xbone both came out only two months later, it doesn’t sound crazy to assume he was referring to those).

      • Venom Snake

        Hope so!

        If he was talking about the PS3 and X360, i won’t buy it!

        • Bob Sacamano

          Well, fingers crossed for TGS, then!

  • Anthony Filipas

    I’d love to get the white casing but with a blue LED light.

  • PrinceHeir


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