Stefanie Joosten (Quiet) on MGSV: The Phantom Pain’s dark story: “You may come to hate a lot of characters as well.”

In an interview by Fragged Nation, co-hosted by YongYea and Korrupt Ronin, Stefanie Joosten, the actress for the already famous sniper Quiet in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, talked about her role, working with Kojima and the Metal Gear series in general.

Responding to the question what she likes about Metal Gear, Stefanie said: “It’s such a legendary series, it’s really an honor to be in it.” She is really happy to be able to be part of it and sees it as a once in a lifetime chance.


Stefanie played quite a lot of the earlier Metal Gear games: Metal Gear Solid 1, Metal Gear Solid 3, Metal Gear Solid 4, Peace Walker, and Ground Zeroes. Metal Gear Solid 2 she did not finish. However, she tried not to be too influenced by them when playing Quiet, because she feels Kojima was trying new things with The Phantom Pain. “Also, I think his direction may be a bit different from earlier games. But of course it was really nice to go in the backstory, and it really helped.”

So who is Stefanie’s favorite character in the Metal Gear series? Gray Fox from MGS1. “He had a really cool introduction, of course. It’s just such a sad story, it’s just a really deep character. And he was badass, of course.”

Stefanie has worked on MGSV for almost three years. Motion capture recordings are done at an early stage. “So I’m really looking forward to the release.” In the last stage the people at the studio are really working hard on the game, making long hours. Stefanie herself is done recording though. “For now I believe I’m finished.” But she can always be asked to come back if they need to add some things.

In preparation for the role, she did military training, supervised by Shinkawa and Kojima. The team has done quite a bit of training by now, so they know their military moves (Kojima included).


Her modeling experience helped her with the role of Quiet, since facial expressions are an important aspect of modeling photos as well. Also, when you see Quiet walk away in one of the cutscenes she is sort of walking like a model (also motion captured by Stefanie), and Stefanie said Kojima encouraged her to do the ‘model walk’. “Quiet has very nuanced ways of expressing herself. I think it will be different than what most people expect, I guess.” She also uses her humming to communicate (not Sins of the Father but a different song).


Stefanie didn’t personally meet the other actors. She did go to LA for the facial capture, and she got to hear the recordings of the other actors while doing her part.

On working with Kojima, she says: “It’s very interesting.” She especially liked the motion capture, because it’s like being on a film set. The actors got the script in advance, but on set Kojima would come up with different things to try out. “Sometimes he would come up with some pretty crazy stuff.” But some of the ‘crazy stuff’ has made it through, and she thinks the result is amazing.

Talking about Quiet’s relationship with Big Boss, she said: “It’s very complicated. I think that TPP will just be a whole different experience for Metal Gear fans.” The game has a huge scale, and offers a lot of freedom in what you can do. “Al I can say: the relationship between Big Boss and Quiet, it really depends on the player. It depends on you actions and your decisions. So you’ll have to see for yourself.” The scale of her role in the story also depends on player decisions. She will remain mysterious to a degree. Players will be able to understand the character, but they will have to work for it. “It’s really deep, so you have to really look for it, I think.” You will also find out about the history between Quiet and Big Boss, but she didn’t want to spoil it.


Aside from Big Boss, there will also be interaction between Quiet and other characters like Kaz and Ocelot, as seen in the trailer. “It’s a very complicated situation between the main characters and their relationship.” She says that everyone is very suspicious of Quiet (something that can already be seen in the cutscene of Quiet entering Mother Base).

So what does she like about Quiet? “She is a very strong character.” Not just because of her powers, as seen in the trailers. “She has a strong sense of pride.” Her actions show her personality. And how would she describe this personality? “At first she is very closed and kind of keeps to the background,” Stefanie explained. What we see in the gameplay trailer (when she gives a thumbs up) is when she has built up a more comfortable relationship with Big Boss.

On Quiet’s revealing attire, Stefanie said: “I’m not bothered by it.” It will make sense if you play the game, according to Stefanie.

Will there be more powers that Quiet has that haven’t been revealed yet? “I kind of think you have an impression of what she can do, but there is definitely more to it.”

She said she was amused by the whole ‘Quiet = Chico’ theory that appeared on the internet a while ago. “But as I said it in the Japanese Kojima Station, it’s not true.” She added that she thinks it’s funny that even after she denied it, people continued with the theory.

Stefanie once again noted that it will be a very dark story, and added: “You may come to hate a lot of characters as well.”

Source: YongYea

  • mohamed big boss

    Best game of all time! And absolutely goty.

  • I want a cute girlfriend like her, my actual girlfriend approves it, lol. <3

    • Alberto Sánchez

      And when you said “actual”, did you mean she is real?

      • Hahaha, yes, difficult to take it, right? Yes, yes, i know…
        I have the best partner of life, i can tell you.

        Always telling the true (to those who really values it), you will get a deep place in the heart of a woman. (Or at least, in some women, not all like the truth)

        In any case, i never could be the boyfriend of Stefanie, let’s be realistic, but not due my girlfriend.

        Have a nice day, pal 🙂

    • Dr. Miles Manners

      Don’t we all?

  • RanFujimiya

    This will be one of the best games we’ll ever play in our lifes.

  • MrVux007

    hmmmmmmm i wonder if she would sign the squishy Quiet toy……………not that im gonna get one,just curious ofc

  • vic boss

    Anyone wondering why neither Amanda nor strangelove have been shown in any of the trailers? I think Mr Kojima didn’t need those characters to appear in TPP.

    • Gatsu

      Yeah they might have been removed to make room for new characters. Or then they will make brief appearances in the game and Kojima don’t want to spoil it for us.

      I don’t think we see them.

      • PrinceHeir

        Nah i think we’re going to see them, but probably one or two scenes only unfortunately 🙁

        I would like to see Strangelove living with Heuy. They can make her biological mother of Otacon tbh.

        Amanda will probably witness the death of Chico.

    • Kol Leqejza

      it was a mistake in MGS 4 to have so much characters from previous games and to be honest: PW had the weakest characters (except for snake & kaz)

      • Eric Otness

        Yeah, and even those two ended up completely butchered in that game (praising Che Guevara, are you kidding me? Big Boss already had to deal with a similar person to Che Guevara, Colonel Volgin, so having him fanboying a guy who was the same kind of guy as a guy he had to put down and made no illusions to how he hated the guy was just stupid, feeling sore about America or not. And Miller had even LESS of a reason to worship that Marxist terrorist either, especially when his characterization in MG2 and technically MGS would not point towards him worshipping Communists or anarchists or terrorists). Quite frankly, Peace Walker was a mistake. Probably the only things that might qualify as “good” about the game was revealing who the DCS was, as well as explain why Huey chose drowning over something like… I don’t know, hanging himself.

        • Zlatan

          ok eric i think everybody finally got it that you can’t stand that che guevara influences. no need to repeat it with every comment.

          • Eric Otness

            Maybe if they actually highlighted some misdeeds he did, including mass-murder of lots of people in Cuba, advocating nuclear war on America during the Cuban Missile Crisis [and this was especially egregrious considering that Peace Walker not only referenced the Cuban Missile Crisis several times in the briefing files, but Zadornov’s plot involved a re-enactment of the Cuban Missile Crisis] and being a worshipper of Stalin, or at least restrain the Che Guevara praise to the FSLN, I could forgive it. Unfortuately, they never gave any negatives about Che Guevara at all.

          • Threedogg MGS Gaming

            Thats the whole point, considering what Big Boss will become….. You do realise Big Boss becomes a nuclear terrorist being feared as an enemy by the US?

          • Eric Otness

            No, had he been an actual nuclear terrorist, he’d behave in exactly the same fashion as Liquid Snake, Solidus Snake, Volgin, Coldman, Gene, Dr. Koppenhagen, General Augustine Eguabon, and Black Arts Viper acted regarding terrorism, which is either threaten various parties to either submit to whatever demands he has or else he’ll launch a nuke at a civilian center of his choosing/kill hostages/poison the environment/whatever, or otherwise he would actually do exactly those things without even making the threat anyhow. He does neither.

        • Threedogg MGS Gaming

          gahhhhh this logic hurts me, Snake abandons his country and the mindset he has in this game after 3, he was a cia tool mindlessly following orders in this game. Are you kidding me seriously, you act as if Snake hates Volgin and has some vendetta against him because of the kind of person Volgin is and his motives…. No, no, no, no….. He has orders to kill Volgin, nothing more…. Its one of the core traits of Snake in 3 that he doesnt think about politics, hes there to get the job done, and because of having to kill the boss, he ultimately has to question the meaning of loyalty, which leads him to become the wayyy more outspoken leader he is in Peace Walker.

          • Threedogg MGS Gaming

   This might clear some of your misunderstandings up as well

          • Eric Otness

            It’s a fan blog. Unless it’s something directly from Kojima or someone among his staff, I see no reason to believe it.

          • Threedogg MGS Gaming

            well thats the most absurd logic ive ever seen. A massive in depth study about how che is used in peace walker is somehow worthless…. I guess all essays and analysis and study of fiction is totally invalid because it isnt the creators analyzing it…. I see no reason to argue with someone as stubborn as yourself. I wont be responding or looking at anymore of your reponses. Goodbye

          • He has been banned now.

          • Eric Otness

            Yeah, actually he does have a vendetta. Or have you completely forgotten about his comment about Volgin being messed up in the head, his horror regarding Volgin’s role in the Katyn Forest Massacre when learning of it from EVA, AND his stating to Zero that he “wasn’t finished with Volgin, either” shortly after being placed back in his cell. Maybe next time you should look at the radio conversations, because those make that bit very clear. For a guy who loves to claim you know the game’s chronology, you certainly conveniently forgotten those tidbits I pointed out.

          • Threedogg MGS Gaming

            You are grasping at the massacre call and snake wanting revenge for him being tortured. Sure, Snake thinks hes fucked up in the head. Does he act as if it really effects him and that it motivates him to kill him? No, not at all. Grasping at the massacre call is silly and I was hoping you wouldn’t go as low as to reference it. And ya, theres obviously the added want to payback volgin for torturing him, thats natural. But your point about Snake hating him and acting as if there was some form of deep rivalry between them based on differences in beliefs or that they had something against each other is silly, that Snake would hate che coz hes like Volgin, so absurd. The massacre call adds nothing really significant…. The Volgin/Snake relationship is about as shallow and one dimensional as youd get in the series. Snake has orders to kill him, he kills him, thats pretty much it, with some revenge thrown in due to the torture.

    • Jak

      Honestly don’t care. As much as I love the gameplay in PW, it’s got the weakest cast and plot of any of the games. The lack of boss squad was also really disheartening-I’ll be upset if we’re just fighting more mechs in TPP.

      • Eric Otness

        Have to agree there, and even Big Boss and Miller ended up butchered in that game by Kojima’s stupid decision to have them worship Che Guevara, despite that being completely out of character for Big Boss and especially Miller. Honestly, Portable Ops was far closer to the spirit of Metal Gear, and that wasn’t even directly made by Kojima.

        • Didn’t feel out of character for Big Boss at all, in the game it is explained why he revered Che Guevara.

          • Eric Otness

            That’s because the game failed to explain several of the atrocities Che Guevara did, including his role in the Cuban Missile Crisis as well as wanting a nuclear war (which is even more disheartening considering not only the references to the Cuban Missile Crisis in the Briefing Files, but also the fact that Zadornov planned to effectively re-enact that event in reverse). In fact, I heard Kojima inserted the guy into Peace Walker specifically because of the Che Biopic back in 2008, which had he done his research instead of taking that biopic wholesale wholesale without even thinking things through, he’d realize that Che in real life was closer to the likes of Volgin, NOT Big Boss. Had Kojima actually done his character justice, Big Boss would hate Che specifically BECAUSE he was similar to Volgin, a guy he made clear in Snake Eater that he hated for a variety of reasons. And honestly, Che fighting for his beliefs? That’s not a reason to respect the guy. Volgin also fought for his beliefs, yet guess what? Big Boss, for good reasons, hated him.

          • Threedogg MGS Gaming

            what are these variety of reasons? When does Snake ever show actual hatred for Volgin? He just follows orders to kill him… Snake has no disagreements in beliefs with Volgin lol…. Id recommend reading this article as well

            People seem to think Big Boss should have the same mindset in PW as he does in 3, regardless of the clear rapid change of mindset following 3’s ending and the effect the boss’s death has on him…. Big Boss hating Volgin… lol what?

          • Threedogg MGS Gaming

            Oh please, Snake shows some very mild disgust about the massacre “i knew he wasnt right in the head…. but this. Thats really grasping for anything in the game where Snake comments on Volgins acts. Snake doesnt give a fuck about Volgins motives or what hes done, hes killing him purely out of being ordered to. Also, im not that person from gamefaqs. I rarely argue about mgs on these types of things. I broadcast the games on twitch and ive used the subreddit once or twice

          • Eric Otness

            It’s not grasping for anything, actually. If they really wanted to avoid ANYTHING that would even remotely imply that he had any motives beyond just the mission, they wouldn’t have added it in in the first place, or if they DID have to add it in, make sure Snake doesn’t speak at all to make it more clear it was simply directed at the player. And him just being a tool for the CIA not giving much thought beyond the mission parameters also directly conflicts with his behavior throughout the mission, where it’s pretty clear he was reluctant to carry out the mission. In fact, it even conflicts with what Hideo Kojima himself said about the character in Snake Eater, specifically that he was a version of Solid Snake with his more human traits emphasized. And reality check, if you’re going to dismiss codec conversations as somehow being irrelevant and grasping at straws unless they were mandatory cutscenes, you’re going to have to dismiss a lot of the briefing files, since most if not all of his Che worshipping came straight from those briefing files, since they are practically the same thing (even Kojima stated they were largely the same thing). The only time it’s even remotely suggested in the actual cutscenes for the game (ie, not briefing files) that Big Boss may have had positive feelings for Che Guevara was when he briefly quoted his (false) last words in life before faking execution of Chico. Anyways, my point with that statement is that Che Guevara behaved in much the same way.
            And for the record, what makes you think those things you mentioned weren’t in the Che biopic? You DO realize that most of those things came from sources that were highly praiseworthy of Che Guevara and blindingly so, right? Had Kojima actually DONE his research, he’d also mention that Che Guevara during his time as Cuba’s minister also prevailed over various executions over people, had a window cut out of his office specifically so he could watch the executions for his entertainment, even showed the executions on TV, which resulted in at LEAST one person miscarrying a baby; He also would have mentioned that lots of Cubans actually fled Cuba for America specifically to get away from Che Guevara’s policies; He also mentioned having a love for gunfire; he also would have mentioned how Che was very vocal about having the nukes stay in Cuba and even have them launch at the United States (not only was this stated by Nikita Khrushchev in his memoirs of the event, this was even backed up by Che’s own words in the London Daily Worker, freely admitting that liberation is worth millions of atomic victims), and what’s even more disheartening about that aspect is that they actually reference the Cuban Missile Crisis a few times in game, even more in the briefing files, and in fact, Zadornov’s main plot and Coldman’s revised plan was even effectively a redo of the Cuban Missile Crisis, so it’s not like Kojima simply didn’t want to mention the CMC at all; Or how about his little speech at the UN where he freely admitted that he is executing people and will continue to execute people for the duration of the revolution?; and he was also a Stalinist as well (heck, he even signed his notes with “Stalin II”), and his last moments of his life, contrary to what several people, including Kojima, would think with various films and the Cuban Press Ministry’s version of the Motorcycle Diaries, was actually a show of cowardice on his part: His final words were “Don’t shoot! I’m Che! I’m worth more to you alive than dead!” Meaning he wasn’t even one to fight for his own beliefs. I can assure you none of this was EVER mentioned in the game at ALL. All of this can be found in plenty of areas, including Humberto Fontova’s articles and his book Exposing Che and the Useful Idiots that Follow Him (and bear in mind, Fontova is a Cuban refugee whose family and he left Cuba around the time Che was around, so he knows full well what he’s talking about), also Ion Mihai Pacepa, a Soviet dissident who was formerly of a high rank (heck, even paid a visit to Cuba while on an assignment for Romania’s equivalent of the KGB, back when he was still a Communist). Being outspoken about his views… He and Miller are proving to be even MORE of a tool than in Snake Eater by buying into that false kGB-backed propaganda. And yes, that actually IS KGB propaganda. Pacepa himself confirmed it and even gave the name for it: Operation Che. You can find all of this on the web. And if some nobody like me can find this information easily, someone of Kojima’s caliber most certainly can, and he most certainly would have added it in. Heck, Che’s speech at the UN can even be found on Youtube. If Kojima truly did his research, the message in the game would have been painted in a far different light, like actually referencing all of the above and having Big Boss praise him knowing full well that’s what he did. I know I would have done that if I wanted to communicate Big Boss was going to turn into a bastard, especially when kids are most likely the targeted age group of the game.
            And no, it’s still not a good parallel. Big Boss was actually reluctant to kill The Boss. Solid Snake was more than willing to kill Big Boss. And for the record, this High Contrast guy from GameFAQs claimed that Big Boss rejecting The Boss’s will was the best thing ever and redeemed the whole MGS4 revelation which he felt sucked (which I kind of agree with, though only in the fact that the “true will” mentioned by Big Boss in the ending did not match up with her statements and actions in Snake Eater at all), apparently forgetting the fact that Big Boss quoted The Boss’s last words to him before his fight against Solid Snake in MG2, not to mention the times reference in Peace Walker. He also used many of the same arguments, much in the same style, that’s why I thought you were him, sorry.

          • Dr. Miles Manners

            Don’t you get tired of being wrong and in constant debate with every MGS fanbase you stumble into, Eric? That should’ve tell you already that if it seems everybody’s wrong, then it’s because you’re the one who’s wrong.

    • JDSS1

      I thought it was Amanda who says ‘V has come to” (GDC Trailer).

      • Ravenous

        I hadn’t thought of that before Oo interesting thought, and I hope it turns out to be true somehow 🙂

    • heavensfeel

      Who did Cypher get to make the Patriot AIs? Maybe it was Strangelove. Considering his goal is to enact The Boss’ will, who better to get on his side than an AI developer who was also The Boss’ girlfriend?

      • Eric Otness

        First of all, I don’t think it’s ever been made clear whether Strangelove and The Boss were actually an item. Sure, Strangelove crushed on The Boss, but on the other hand, that doesn’t mean they’ve ever actually entered a relationship. Don’t forget, Waylon Smithers Jr. crushed on Charles Montgomery Burns, and Mr. Burns doesn’t even reciprocate those feelings beyond viewing him as a friend.
        Second of all, need I really remind you that one of the Briefing Files had her specifically state she had absolutely no interest in creating the kind of AI system the Patriots desired due to it “not having a shred of life to it”? IF the Patriots decide to have Strangelove work there, and that’s a very BIG if as it is, considering she’s definitely not going to associate herself with the same group that tried to launch a nuke at the United States and frame MSF for it, they’d need to use force on her to do it.
        That being said, we know she’s most likely going to have at least a voice appearance, due to Strangelove’s VA being called in to do some voice work, with The Boss’s VA.

        • Dr. Miles Manners

          Bigot. Of course they were an item. No need to worry about their immortal souls damning on the fires of hells since:

          a) They’re fictional characters and don’t exist.
          b) Neither does Hell.

  • Gatsu

    Oh no way I’m gonna hate them. I will love all the characters :), no matter how they change during the story :D!

    Okey well, to be honest I hated Skull Face after GZ lol, but then seeing him hanging out with Big Boss make me really excited to see his story and who he is. As they go way back. Goddamn, I wanna see the story of each character in TPP right now, especially Quiet.

    Game of the Century <(^o^<).

    • Niko

      I just wanna kill Skull Face because he destroyed our Mother Base (that we spent hundreds of hours building in PW) 🙂
      Game of the Century indeed 😀

    • Jak

      Tbqh this game hopefully ends with us feeling pretty disgusted by Snake and Ocelot- do recall the whole it’s the story of them “falling into evil” or whatever Kojima said.

      • Yeah, Ocelot looks quite friendly in this game so far but remember that he has always been a sadist, a cold blooded killer and a backstabber, so it will be interesting to see what happens.

        • Raymondius

          Cool thing that almost everyone seem to forget is that Ocelot is not loyal to Big Boss YET. Right now (in the 80’s lol) he is just the Cypher agent he was in MGS3, so we should see him changing his mind during the game somehow (‘a rival living a lie’, oh well, it’s pretty clear for most of us xD).

    • Hanna-Mari

      I do not either hate any MGS characters. I have always “strong relationship” with my fav. game/tvshows/movie characters.

    • Mr. Sir Shpee

      inb4 Big Boss goes crazy and kills Miller non-canonically /s

  • Javier

    Thanks nyx. I was waiting for this because don’t wanna see the video.
    You write “quiets” in some part of the text.

    • Thanks. But only one place where it was incorrect, right? The other ones are possessive.

      • Javier

        just one

  • Gatsu

    Do you folks think that Big Boss will pull the trigger, when the time comes? I wonder if our actions/choises during the story can make a difference for that. When building up the friendship with Quiet, then BB is like “naah dont wanna kill you babe”.

    • Mr.Pony

      It’s going to be another scene like the final one with The Boss

      Press square to shot The Boss. Why? Because Kojima is a sadist and bathes on our tears.

      • Gatsu


      • Ravenous

        I don’t know, I think player choice and all might lead to different endings of the whole Quiet-story, make a bad choice (in her opinion ofc) at the wrong time, and she might end up doing something to get locked up in Motherbase and try to escape (like the footage where she is clearly attacking Diamond Dogs soldiers on MB from the Nuclear trailer). Or she could end up leaving during certain missions, or maybe end up as a boss-battle with an MGS3 ending like The Boss, depending on player choices and actions Oo

        Or that’s what I’m hoping for atleast 🙂

        • Jak

          yeah, given theyve already said you can skip Quiet and DD entirely if you just do the main missions, I hope there’s some nuance/choice in her arc.

          She and Skull Face are the only unknown quantities here really-we literally know (or witness) when each of the other main characters in this die.

      • The biggest plot twist in gaming would be killing Big Boss at the end and a fake one living on, I honestly wouldn’t even be surprised since it is A HIDEO KOJIMAAAAA game.

    • Golgari

      I think no. I mean if the game has a buddy progression/choices then he can do it if you eventually hate the buddy or have some issues with her story wise. Big Boss said that line in the trailer just to remind Kaz that he is still a Boss here and everything is under control. There was a situation where Kaz was mad about Big Boss decision so…

    • RoderickThe13

      I think it will be for you to decide. It would be pretty low to kill after having her as a buddy.

    • korruption

      Depends if the game tasks me with doing missions that are beyond my extremely limited and constantly dwindling skill level. =(

    • FMercenary

      Or maybe Kaz kills her against the will of Big Boss? Or what if she dies unintentionally by the hand of Big Boss? Or what if the more attached you get to her, the more likely she is to suffer an unpleasant fate? So many possibilities!

  • PrinceHeir

    “Stefanie didn’t personally meet the other actors. She did go to LA for the facial capture, and she got to hear the recordings of the other actors while doing her part.”

    Shame really. Almost all of the JPN cast went together and record their lines along with Kojima himself.

    It’ll be interesting how the story pans out.

  • invader_skoodge

    With the structure of the game(Chapter/Episode) I’m starting to wonder how the game is going to start. It’s implied that we are going to start in the Hospital but when in time is the start of the game going to take place? What year? It makes sense that 1984, but what about 1975 and the conclusion of GZ? I’ve been watching the Trailer you see at the end of ground zeroes and when are we going to see that scene after the Chopper crash? In my opinion, it would be anti-climatic to show the aftermath of ground zeroes at the beginning of TPP. Personally, I think that scene belonged in GZ up to the point where Big Boss goes into a coma and TPP should start after the coma. I just wonder how are they going to handle that point in time which seems to be very important in the GZ storyline and very dramatic.

    All I’m saying is that I believe for the first 37 seconds of this trailer, those scenes should have been in GZ

    • RoderickThe13

      I’m curious about that too. Also remember the scene in the 2013 E3 trailer with the prisoner being shot in Camp Omega.

    • WhatTheJuicay

      It could be a flashback scenario.. like The Godfather part 2. I remember way back when before the PS3 first came out that Kojima wanted to make a real time MGS game and tell the story in the same fashion as The Godfather 2. It’s an old Gamespot article that I read almost a decade ago. He pretty much reach his goal of “real time”.. maybe everything he talked about will come true. When I first read it, I wondered how a real time msg would be. Now we know. I’ll try my best to find that article.. it’s so old though. probably doesn’t exist anymore.

    • Vargor92

      The episode part makes me truly excited for this game.

    • Schmojima

      This is an excellent question and I am wondering about the same.

      Maybe they didn’t want to pull this totally stereotypical cliffhanger every bad rated soap opera has to offer… And this whole coma thing at the end of gz would have felt just like this, a kitschy ending.
      (In my opinion of course)

      By the way, why do you think it’s anti-climactic, if they show the aftermath of gz at the beginning of tpp? They narrowly avoided this corny ending and without the trailer showing snakes coma we wouldn’t know anything about that…so I think it was the right decision to keep the beginning of tpp kinda open for the player. (And maybe it was a bit of a spoiler to already show that snake’s in a coma)…

      I think the point is, that after playing gz you really are dying to know what happened. If it had not been for the trailer we wouldn’t know until now and since we can’t be a 100% sure, I am really excited for tpp’s beginning. 😀

  • WhatTheJuicay

    I think Miller will be one of the main characters we end up hating.. heck we sort of already hate him, right? I personally found him annoying and way campy in Ground Zeroes. Maybe we won’t feel so bad about his demise in MGS1, after all– he must have had it coming.

    Also, it’d be cool to play as Big Boss while hating him all over again. I think.. we’re supposed to.

    • korruption

      He just never shuts the fuck up. I’ve truly grown to hate him to the point where I wanna cut his tongue out.

      • Mini gear


        • ObsessedGeorge

          These words will forever echo into my head! 🙂

          • korruption

            Mine too… *sharpening knife*… mine too….
            “Snake… what took you so- GYAAAHHHHH!!!”
            Yup, we’ll get along just fine. =)

        • Hanna-Mari

          “Excuse me, who is BOSS here?” Goddam Kaz 😀

    • Mr. Sir Shpee

      I’ve sent VIs of the targets to your iDroid.

    • Schmojima

      YES and YES! ö_ö

    • Andrea Feletti

      “Target inside….is that it?”

      • ObsessedGeorge

        “Huh? Mission abort Boss?”

    • MrVux007

      i hate him since peace walker…after the crap he pulled of behind Big Boss-es back…and his knowledge of the clones of Big Boss….nah when i play TPP i will be a total douchebag towards him,he doesnt deserve better

      • Eric Otness

        You DO realize Big Boss was also guilty of hiding his former ties to the Patriots, right? In case you’ve forgotten, Cipher specifically wanted Big Boss to return to the fold, making clear that he had been a former member himself before he quit.

    • captain!

      I actually like him

  • Shalashaska

    Man Her eyes… She is GORGEOUS!

  • Hanna-Mari

    Hahah even Stefanie didn’t finish MGS2.

  • Cipher

    “You may come to hate a lot of characters as well.”
    That’s definitely Kaz
    He’s already working with Cipher

    BTW, no mentioning of Zero or his VA at all ?!

    • Hm, yeah, that’s strange. Where is Cypher? Where is Zero?

    • Eric Otness

      Actually, he quit Cipher (besides, he really doesn’t WORK with or for them anyhow as he made clear in his call to Zero that he’s neither an enemy nor ally of Cipher, and I’m really doubtful that he’d work with Cipher after that considering what nearly happened when Paz tried to launch a nuke at the US and frame MSF, especially when he made clear even in the call that he was only aligned with them at the moment for MSF’s propagation).

  • MichaelPayneV

    Little Off-Topic: Is it just me, or Tom Hardy & Charlize Theron would make a PERFECT Casting for any of these Metal Gear Movies:
    MGS1: Solid & Meryl
    MGS3: Naked & Eva

  • Eric Otness

    Quite frankly, I’m not even sure how several of the characters were even likeable in Peace Walker. I could forgive Miller’s hiding it from Big Boss. At least he came clean, and obviously he didn’t do it gloating like Ocelot in MGS2 or how Albert Wesker did things in the first Resident Evil. What I couldn’t forgive was the characters praising Che Guevara in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. This isn’t even news. And in fact, the whole mess that was Peace Walker is pretty much one of the reasons why I want the series to end so I wouldn’t have to deal with it. I also think I’m one of the few people who thought it was actually a very BAD idea to make Solid Snake into a sociopath in Metal Gear Solid, and a nihilist in Metal Gear Solid 2 (remember the ending where he claimed that there was no such thing as absolute reality), and right now, I think it was a very bad idea to have The Boss give moral relativism and be praised as a saint.
    Seriously, this is even news? I’m not sure how many of the characters are actually likeable. Heck, a lot of people HATED Metal Gear Solid 4 for how they ruined several characters. Big Boss actually seemed decent, even MGS2 Raiden seemed decent, but then they really ruined Big Boss at least with Peace Walker when they made him into a Che fanboy. Same with Miller, and he had even LESS of an excuse to praise Che Guevara than Big Boss did. In fact, of the characters in Peace Walker, the only one who was even remotely tolerable was Cecile.
    Sorry, but I’m not sure how people hating characters would be news anyhow. People have been hating a lot of characters in this series since at least Metal Gear Solid 2 when Raiden and Rosemary entered the picture.

    • Icosikaidigon

      I think she means “hate” in a moral sense, not a “this character sucks” sense.

    • MichaelPayneV

      There is a big difference between hating a character for being annoying and unlikable because of the writing &/ The Actor, and hating a character because he is a monster that you are suppose to hate for being a piece of sh*t Evil Cruel filthy son of a bi*ch Bastard!

      1 is poor character development, and second is wonderful character development, don’t confuse them!

      • Eric Otness

        The problem is a lot of the characters actually MATCH the lacking of morality bit, long prior to MGSV. Solid Snake thanks to Kojima’s rewrites implemented in MGS1 was depicted as a psychopath, and MGS2 even implied he was nihilistic in the ending. The Boss was also depicted as a nihilist (and was treated as being in the right as well as a saint even when she did a lot of things that were absolutely no different than what Colonel Volgin did, and was even a hypocrite thanks to MGS4 bungling The Boss’s will and claiming that’s what she really strived for despite her words and actions not matching up at all), even explicitly stating morality didn’t matter, and in Peace Walker we’ve got a lot of characters praising a mass-murdering monster known as Che Guevara, and also depicting the FSLN as being mostly in the right, even though Marxism of ANY form is bad. There’s literally nothing different here. I think Piggyback Guides even noted that Frederick Nietzsche’s Eternity of the Same was a template for the entire series, which basically DOESN’T allow for morality at all.

    • What’s Ugly and Eats Ham?

      So you have some perceived notion that Che Guevara is evil and since Big Boss is a fan, Big Boss is shit too? New flash, outside the US not a lot of people think Che Guevara is a terrorist. Just like most terrorists labeled by the US. Outside the extremists that actually do exist.

  • Eric Otness

    Why do I get the feeling from Joosten’s comments about the game that we’re going to get less Breaking Bad and and more of the Black Friday reel of Toy Story?

    For some background, when Toy Story was in development, Jeffrey Katzenberg, at that time the chairman of Disney Studios, decided the movie needed more of an adult, cynical edge to the story, which resulted in Woody, and to a lesser degree the other toys, being turned into distasteful, unsympathetic jerks who relied on insult humor, and also had Woody deliberately throwing Buzz out of the window, resulting in the toys turning against him.
    Kojima earlier indicated that we’d actually sympathize with the characters even when we know they are doing wrong, similar to Walter Reed from Breaking Bad, yet going by what Joosten is saying, the sympathetic part either was changed midway through to simply being unsympathetic at all, or the sympathetic part was a lie all along.

    • MichaelPayneV

      I don’t get the point.

      • Eric Otness

        The point is, Joosten indicated that you’re going to hate a lot of the characters in this game, which implied that the characters were going to act a lot like how the characters in the Black Friday reel of Toy Story acted, which goes against what Kojima stated about the situation being comparable to Walter White from Breaking Bad where you actually sympathize with the characters even when you know what they were doing was wrong.

        • MichaelPayneV

          No, it actually fits what Hideo said, all Hideo said is that you will relate to the characters, but also question some of their decisions.

          • Eric Otness

            Except that’s NOT what Joosten said. She said that you’ll HATE the characters, meaning you don’t have any sympathy for them, you cannot relate to them at all, and all of that.

          • MichaelPayneV

            No, she said “You may come to hate a lot of characters as well.” so why are you jumping to conclusions?

          • Eric Otness

            If she had said “You may come to hate a lot of the characters’ actions as well” that’s one thing, since that implies that you can hate the character’s actions without necessarily being unsympathetic to the characters themselves or their reasons. However, that’s NOT what she said. She said “You may come to hate a lot of the characters as well,” meaning you’ll most likely hate the characters THEMSELVES. Not their actions, but the actual characters. When you are going to say something, make sure it’s in exact words so there is absolutely no room for doubt, be precise in other words.

          • MichaelPayneV

            Now you’re nitpicking, you know what she meant, especially when you connect with what she said before about the story being dark.

            And again, if you hate characters because you are supposed to hate, what is wrong with that?

          • Eric Otness

            It’s not nitpicking at all. Had I been in her position, I’d make SURE that I speak accurately and precisely.
            As far as that, the problem is we’ve already gotten PLENTY of characters who aren’t even that likeable in the series. I’ve even given a full list of them, like how Solid Snake was depicted in Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 2, where he was pretty much a psychopath and a likely nihilist, plus how Big Boss and Miller and pretty much a lot of the characters in Peace Walker were depicted, especially their praising Che Guevara, or how The Boss is treated as a saint who could do no wrong even when she made clear her nihilistic beliefs early in the game, not to mention in the ending pretty much did a lot of the same stuff Volgin did early on and wasn’t even called out on it.
            And the reaction regarding Woody and other characters was exactly what was intended anyhow with Jeffrey Katzenberg when he had them written that way. Why else would he demand a cynical movie where the main character was a huge jerk if that was not what he intended?

          • ‘Had I been in her position, I’d make SURE that I speak accurately and precisely.’

            Get off your high horse, please. So in an informal interview that lasts about an hour you would never use one word out of place or in a way that can be interpreted differently by someone in a comment section, in a language that isn’t your native tongue? Right.

          • You’re overthinking her comments, it was just a spontaneous remark during an interview. She probably just meant that the actions of the characters may be shocking or questionable at times, and not always sympathetic.

  • Dr. Miles Manners

    Dammit, I’m so lovestruck with her.

  • Johnny Black

    Quet’s incessant humming is fucking terrible.

  • ImpaledNazarene

    Stefanie nailed it on the head when she said, ‘You may come ot hate a lot of characters as well.’

    Still, Quiet is one of those rare video game characters that hit so close to your heart.

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