RevolMini Venom Snake photos by Kaiyodo show its packaging, accessories, articulation

The third in line of the RevolMini Metal Gear figures, Venom Snake, is set to release soon. Kaiyodo, the figure’s manufacturer, has been sharing some pictures of the upcoming piece of merchandise.

As can be seen on the photos, the figure features a lot of articulation options, as well as a moveable eye, and comes with a bunch of accessories such as weapons, swappable hands and a cigar, plus a stand for displaying it.



RevolMini-Venom-Snake-BoxRevolMini-Venom-Snake-Box-2RevolMini-Venom-Snake-Box-4 RevolMini-Venom-Snake-Box-3RevolMini-Venom-Snake-7 RevolMini-Venom-Snake-6 RevolMini-Venom-Snake-5RevolMini-Venom-Snake-12RevolMini-Venom-Snake-2RevolMini-Venom-Snake-11 RevolMini-Venom-Snake-10 RevolMini-Venom-Snake-9RevolMini-Venom-Snake-4 RevolMini-Venom-Snake-3RevolMini-Venom-Snake-1

Here’s another picture of the box from Kojima himself:


The figure will be available from June 25th, for a price of around $30 – 35.

Source: Kaiyodo Direct Twitter, Hideo Kojima Twitter

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