Illustrator Noriyoshi Ohrai has passed away

Earlier today, Japanese illustrator Noriyoshi Ohrai passed away at Miyazaki Prefecture Kunitomi hospital at age 79. Among Metal Gear fans he is known for his impressive artworks for the series, which can be seen on promotional items but also in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots itself, where they decorate the walls of the Eastern European church during Act 3 of the game.


Ohrai’s framed artwork hanging on the walls of the church in MGS4.


An artwork by Ohrai is featured on the inside of the lid of Portable Ops’ KonamiStyle Premium Pack.


His artworks in the Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater Premium Package book.

Kojima had this to say about the artist:


Source: Sankei, via CGM

  • kirtanloorii

    A great artist passes away. I am grateful for the work he has done.

    • ObsessedGeorge

      Dude, l was at the WWE 2K16 forums and l saw you there. MGS AND WWE fan=WIN! 🙂

      • kirtanloorii

        Oh, lol. That’s funny. Yeah I use the same name and avatar everywhere. I haven’t picked up the game yet. I am still waiting to hear what everyone has to say about it. It’s funny because there is a person named Gatsu there, but I don’t think it’s the same Gatsu.

        • ObsessedGeorge

          I’ll probably get it too, but damn that custom entrance music missing feature hurts. 🙁

          • yeah that’s the thing that sucks the most /: on the other hand the overall game looks like a big step from what was 2k15

          • ObsessedGeorge

            Do you know if the highlight reel is back for the PS4 version?

          • not sure but i think they did put it back this time

  • ObsessedGeorge

    His work was impressive. I always liked his take on the MGS series. May he rest in peace.

  • Tong Ninja

    Actually my first time seeing this artwork! haha
    Very impressive indeed. 🙂

    Rest in peace Noriyoshi Ohrai …

  • Cobra Commander

    Some of of my favorite art!
    Almost always used one of those MG murals as a wallpaper for my PS3 or laptop.
    I can see the art in works like this.
    What I don’t get is people paying 100’s of thousands for something that a child could paint. Or that “abstract” stuff with like a rectangle and a triangle and that’s it!
    (Watch any 80’s movie where they work in those skyscraper offices, and you’ll know what I mean).
    Matter of fact I think John Mclaine makes a crack like that in Die Hard, or maybe it was something else.
    In any case I’m in the mood to watch Die Hard now, lol!

  • Such an amazing art style, super-realistic.

  • moto hellogoto

    He was a great artist.

  • Man…when I woke up today I knew it was going to be a bad day :/ This was always some of my favorite art. His work on Star Wars and Godzilla is incredible too.RIP Noriyoshi Ohrai.

  • Gatsu

    His artwork is so incredible, just…wow so damn beautiful. Rest in peace Noriyoshi-san :C …

  • Full Options

    RIP Ohrai Sensei

  • PsychoMantis18

    Ohrai was awesome, best MGS artist behind Shinkawa. Captured the epic pulpiness of it all.

  • Bożydar Mazur

    I used his artworks for wallpapers for the past 1 years.
    Thank you. Rest in peace.

  • An idiot I am for not knowing about him until I see this.

  • Tibor

    love the 80’s feel of thar artwork. Rest In Peace

  • decoyF0XX

    Guys I just finished Mission 40. With almost over 60 hours put into this game, I’m almost reaching my breaking point. Please tell me I’m close to finishing this game?? I’m seriously tired of avoiding the comments section, there are so many things I want to talk about 🙁

    • FoxTamerMGO

      Mission 46 and you’re done.

      • decoyF0XX

        But I don’t have to complete any of those EXTREME/STEALTH missions, do I? 46 hasn’t unlocked yet so I suspect I just have to keep going back to Mother Base?? Please tell me I’m right!?

        • WotsUhTheDeal

          No, none of the replay missions are required. Basically to unlock 46 you need to do missions 41 and 43. And do the yellow colored “story side-ops”.

          • decoyF0XX

            Okay thanks man, I hope I can complete it this night…probably won’t haha.

          • decoyF0XX

            It seems it was 41 I actually just completed. But 43 hasn’t unlocked yet, maybe ill do some side-ops and return to base.

          • Lewis

            Whenever you have no “story” missions unlocked, iirc, do either 1 replay (any, not talking about extreme) or I think 3 sideops. I had this info in the guide, but I can’t seem to find it. Don’t give up, you are almost in the clear. 🙂

          • decoyF0XX

            I noticed the 3 side-ops thing too! I’ve completed 41, 43 and 45. Now only 46 left!!

          • Lewis

            Now, go! Let the legend come to the ending!

  • PrinceHeir

    I really love his Portable Ops art. Definitely his best MGS work.

    RIP Ohrai-san.

  • XIFF-5

    I saw those art works for the first time in MGO2 in H.H. Map. I just keep staring at them when I pass by them <3

  • VenomSnake421

    I’ll be honest, I never knew about this guy until this article, R.I.P.

  • Jav

    If portable ops is not canon, why that art is in mgs4?

  • Mr. Sir Shpee

    I hadn’t known who this was before I saw the news and looked up some artwork. Damn. That Portable Ops piece is just… Wow.

    RIP Ohrai-san.

  • WHAT?! just the other day i was marvelling at an illustration from Mad Max 2 made by him that i never seen before. his art was great i fell completely in love with it when i saw those on MGS4 and right then started looking for the author, this guy had some incredible Godzilla stuff and Star Wars posters too, his work reminded me of another legend who is Drew Struzan both of them could easily be the best movie poster artists ever.

    In the age we live in where movie posters are just a work of photoshop i really miss stuff like this, RIP.

  • Venom_Sina

    I really enjoy his work,his work is great,but unfortunately we lost him.Rest in peace,Ohrai-san.

    Off topic:Anyone here excited for Detroit: Become Human?It looks fantastic.It’s like Deus Ex:Become Human Divided,lol.

    • MeLand127

      Hey don’t talk about Quiet like that, I’m her fan :(.
      But yeah I think Kara is cool 🙂 .I hoping David Cage could use the science fiction theme in this game to the fullest. because, well I love Science Fiction

      • imo, Sci-fi is too cliche in the trailer. He also said that he is not interested in the technology or the AI but more in the “aspect of being human as an Android” so don’t expect much Science Fiction. Science Fiction here is more or less visual stuff.

        • Danny Patten

          But it isn’t that part of being an AI? I mean they have them created with that intention.
          That’s why I loved the movie ‘Ex Machina’. That really played with my mind and the end was a twist for me personally because they had me tricked. But I won’t spoil anything.

        • MeLand127

          Yeah I know the cliche(a robot who is diffrent than the others who want to live bla bla). But if the story is good, it could be like the last of us(using a cliche story about man protecting a girl and win many prizes), although I doubt it

          well I know it’s going to be like just a visual stuff(this is David Cage by the way), what I mean of Science fiction here is that ”make it entertaing look of futuristic world” is that understandable? Lol

    • I like the way she is dressed but her face… Not really a fan of, but I get the idea behind Detroit’s protagonist. Simple and elegant android.

      But it’s David Cage. Horrible writing and no gameplay whatsoever. I don’t expect this to be good. Graphically it will look fantastic without any AI or stuff.

      Omikron that he did in the 99s was great though.

      So no excitement really. Beyond:Two Souls was so awful that I don’t want even to remember that experience.

      • Venom_Sina

        I partly agree.Beyond was a weak game compared to Heavy Rain and Fahrenheit(especially this one),but horrible writing…no I really can’t accept that.

        • Alex

          The only thing weak about it to me was its variations of what lied “Beyond” life. All the secluded character scenes throughout the game were fantastic, which was about 80% of the game. Its comparable to Indigo to me, mostly fantastic, with bad stuff towards the end.
          The twist in Heavy Rain was also bad. Hopefully Detroit avoids this “screwing up at the end” trend.

      • Ardens Anima

        I can’t take his games seriously anymore, really.
        Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy was hilarious.
        Heavy Rain was ridiculous.
        And Beyond: Two souls was just really stupid. :/
        I will still wait for the day that he makes a good game, and when he does I’ll praise it.
        So here’s hoping that this’ll be the one…..maybe…..hopefully….

        • Alex

          The funny thing is, many look at Kojima’s games the same way.

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  • Shanker

    A tribute to MGSV TPP

    • Alex

      There was the other interview where he discussed in length about how each player’s Big Boss will be their own unique version of Big Boss.

  • Alex


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