Kojima meets with Ken Kutaragi, ‘the Father of PlayStation’

Hideo Kojima met with Ken Kutaragi, the ‘Father of PlayStation’, who was the CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment until 2007. As one of the key people behind Sony’s successful brand he has had a large impact on the gaming industry. Kojima met up with him and Famitsu’s Hamamura for an interview that will be published later.

“Had talk interview with Kutaragi-san for Famitsu. Please look forward to it! This pic includes Hamamura-san.”
“Hideo Kojima with Kutaragi-san, the father of the PlayStation.” – Ayako

"During our interview yesterday, we agreed "Instead of predicting the future, create the future as it becomes."
“During our interview yesterday, we agreed “Instead of predicting the future, create the future as it becomes.”

Looks like Kojima also presented a Kojima Productions Goods Set to Kutaragi, but other than that there isn’t more detailed information of what they discussed.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, Ayako Twitter

  • Jav

    “Hideo Kojima informer”

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      • ADAMJENSEN13

        Hahahaha! Nice! 🙂

      • XIFF-5

        Guest Starring
        The “SKULLS” Parasite Unit

        • Leguywhodrownedquiet


        • Abort the mission immediately

    • Lamp123

      Not really. So far it’s been 60% Metal Gear news and 40% Kojima Productions news.

    • Leguywhodrownedquiet

      You got a problem with it?

      • Jav

        A hideo kojima lover.

        • Leguywhodrownedquiet

          Yes I am
          I don’t know if you’re one tho

  • Btw, Ken Kutaragi is a CEO of Cyber AI Entertainment, Inc which aims to commercialize the development of next-generation internet services, but so far no real progress.
    It would be cool if they can work something together for Kojima’s new title or maybe a some service. I dunno, he is a father of Playstation, Kojima can’t just go for the dinner or the interview. There must be something bigger than that.


      E3 2016 News:
      Hideo Kojima and Ken Kutaragi is working now on Playstation 5.
      Please be excited!

      • Leguywhodrownedquiet

        I’d be really bummed if they did that

    • Lamp123

      Maybe it’s just for the interview? I see nothing wrong with that.

      Or he could be asking him if he knows any talented people he can hire for his studio.

    • MrVux007

      Since streaming is considered a future in gaming industry, i would not be surprised if he and his company gets involved with development of “cloud” based Sony console.

  • Jav
  • Gatsu

    Nice pictures =), it’s great to see Kojima-san so happy too.
    I’m looking forward to the interview which comes later :D.

  • Mr.Pony

    Btw: Has anyone noticed that the development tab now goes up to Grade 15? If they are planing on expanding development to that lvl I hope it is with new weapons not just current weapon variations like the high lvl snipers.

  • Gatsu

    I’ve been playing Stellaris a while and such a wonderful game. I have that say that Stellaris OST is definitely one of the best soundtracks I’ve heard in games :D. Creation and Beyond 32:43 and Luminescence 1:35:56 are my favorites but I love all tracks <3!

    • JJBYACHFullOptions2FucKonami

      Sounds quite John Carpenter-y, but a bit more modern; if you know what I mean. Reminds me of It Follows.

      Or the FOB song:

      • Gatsu

        That sounds like a amazing track, I hadn’t heard that before thanks :D. It just feels wonderful to explore the galaxy and expanding your empire, while listening to this beautiful ost <3.

        • JJBYACHFullOptions2FucKonami

          The soundtrack is not John Carpenter per say – it’s from a band called Disasterpeace who were very influenced by his sound.

          It Follows is a great film – quite post modern and borderline arthouse. Not your typical horror film.


          • Gatsu

            I see :), maybe I will check that movie.

          • JJBYACHFullOptions2FucKonami

            You should – it’s pretty good.

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