Horizon Zero Dawn credits reveal more ex-Metal Gear staff working at Kojima Productions

Guerrilla Games’ latest title Horizon: Zero Dawn just came out, and naturally some people already managed to get to the end credits. As we know, Kojima Productions is collaborating with the Dutch studio, as they will be using a modified version of their engine, called the Decima Engine, for their first title ‘Death Stranding’. To facilitate the partnership and exchange talent and ideas, Kojima Productions even opened a satellite studio in Guerrilla’s office in Amsterdam.

As a result of this collaboration, the credits of Horizon: Zero Dawn include a ‘special thanks’ section where several Kojima Productions staff members are named. Some of them were already known, such as Hideo Kojima (obviously), Ken Imaizumi, Ayako Terashima and Ludvig Forssell. But there are also several new names to be found, and what’s interesting that all of them have previously worked at Konami, on different departments of Metal Gear Solid V’s production, and some also worked on earlier Kojima Productions titles.

A user on reddit listed their names and their previous jobs.

Kenichiro Imaizumi (MGS4/PW/R/V producer)
Ayako Terashima (Kojima’s PA)
Aiko Sakamoto (MGS:PW lead programmer)
Daizoburo Nakamura (MGSV lead programmer)
Yuta Hoshino (MGSV FX engineer)
Nozomu Takeuchi (MGSV art / programmer)
Hideki Sasaki (MGS series art director / character modeler)
Yasuhiro Ikoma (MGS3-V / ZOE2 / PT effects artist)
Ludvig Forssell (MGSV / PT music composition)
Jorge Ken Hashimoto (Kojima’s translator)
Takaaki Ishikawa (MGSV graphics engineer)
Fumito Miyauchi (MGSV Fox Engineer / UI programmer)
Hiroyuki Nakayama (MGSV sound designer)
Akira Inamura (MGSV character artist)
Kohei Ishiyama (MGSV effects programmer)
Makoto Abe (MGSV UI programmer)
Kazuya Adachi (MGSV Fox Engine tech director)
Satoshi Matsuno (MGS3-V level design / artist)
Satoshi Matsuno (MGS3-V programming)
Takayuki Uchida (MGS4-V environment design / artist)
Hiroaki Arai (MGSV programmer / lead tech artist)

A lot of talent left Konami during the last stages of MGSV’s production, and it looks like a good chunk of it ended up working for Hideo Kojima at his new studio.

Source: Reddit

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    A giant step for Boss, but a quite horrifying one for Metal Gear…

    • They were hiring new staff, hopefully they have found good replacements.

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        I am not that worry after all. They look for sure like KP’s very core which is good for the group’s philosophy, but I am sure Konami has a lot of skilled hands left to work on MG, aside new recruits.
        Despite all, we are supposed to have a new “MG” this year, so we may soon tell if it is a total mess, or if they managed to keep a fairly serious workflow at least regarding gameplay, if not plot.
        I hope they’ll share something about MGS6 plans as well..

      • Just because Konami said that they are hiring new staff, does not mean absolutely anything.
        Every publisher out there hires new people for the projects all the time.
        Fact is, the guys who made the core of MGS games are working with Kojima. Even Peace Walker main programmer is working on the DS.

        • Eugene Voldo

          The problem is, the main MGS team is still within Konami. For example, Yuji Korekado
          That’s what I call MG veteran! And he’s still with Konami. Satoshi Hirano
          yep, Konami guy here.
          So when someone says that old KP team moved en-masse to a new Kojima studio he’s not very honest. As you can see, the majority of a new KP studio is MGSV newcomers.

          • Sure, but if you consider some of the main guys behind the franchise are gone (Imaizumi, Shinkawa, Kojima)…

          • Eugene Voldo

            Well, to be fair Imaizumi is definitely not the main guy. So MGS team lost two people who is fundamental to the franchise. Will this departure impact the next MG game? Yes, of course. But does it mean that all hope for a good MG game is lost? Nope. The main team behind MG series never left Konami. Only MGSV guys did.

          • Look at the list, these are also people who worked on MGS3, 4 and PW. Yes, there is still hope but the crater of important designers who left Konami seems to be ever expanding the more we hear about it.

          • Sure, except we don’t know if they are working on the main game or Metal Gear Survive or if they are still at Konami.
            All the staff that is listed here on MGI are working on the next Hideo Kojima’s game. The difference is of course in the details.

          • Lamp123

            “So when someone says that old KP team moved en-masse to a new Kojima studio he’s not very honest. As you can see, the majority of a new KP studio is MGSV newcomers.”
            Just letting you know the old Kojima productions team was formed in 2005 (after MGS3). They didn’t have a developer name for MGS1-3. Old KP made MGS4, MGS:PW, MGS: Portable Ops, and MGSV. So basically he/she was honest. 😛

        • You’re right, but let’s assume they’ll manage to find some good people with new ideas. Metal Gear will probably never be the same, but maybe a new team can continue it in their own way, which is what Kojima wanted to begin with. One thing they need is someone with a vision who can lead the project, a ‘new Kojima’.

          • Everyone understand that Metal Gear will never be the same. This is about the quality. Previous KojiPro staff wanted to make a good game and they were professionals. Do you really think that what happened after Kojima/Konami issue, developers will want to work for that company and not for Capcom or Square Enix that has a lot of studios, from mobile and arcade to tripple AAA in Japan?

          • Perhaps not, unless they really want to work on Metal Gear. In that case you still need to be at Konami.

        • Mr.Sixes

          *LAUGHS in retrorespect at this*

          I got some interesting information for you.

      • NegaScott128

        Doesn’t mean the new staff is gonna be any good, though. I don’t have much confidence in Konami’s ability to continue their IPs after the original creators have left. Silent Hill and Castlevania both fell apart after their creators left Konami; MGS probably won’t fare much better, especially since the first thing they decided to do post-Kojima was Survive.

  • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

    SNAKE plisskin is back !
    Also did anyone watch that new alien trailer?

    • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

      Sorry wrong link

  • I know for sure with this list that my game will look great, sound awesome, it will have smooth 60/30 fps gameplay, amazing art, fantastic level design and intuitive UI.

    But at the same time I’m worried about Metal Gear future. Metal Gear games were made not just by Kojima but with the KojiPro force full of talented people that understand how Metal Gear works and they understand good game design.

    • Rubidium

      I fear they will go the way of Silent Hill when Team Silent stopped making them (barring 4, which was half of the team).

  • SNKtheStampede

    Good to know! Of course not so for Metal Gear’s future. But we had already plenty of reasons to worry, so we can just wait. I would be curious about a new entry/reboot of the series with an all new team and approach. But I’m afraid we’ll have to Survive first.

    Oh, by the way, I made this a few time ago, but for searious internet issues I hadn’t the chance to upload it. I wanna share this with you guys, because I think there’s something interesting in the match with lyrics. What do you think?

    • Lex Radu

      Can you make the second trailer with “Lazarus” (The Audio from the Music Video of Lazarus)

      You’ll be stunned by the similarities!

  • Biggy

    HAH love this.

  • Daburcor

    This doesn’t really bode well for Metal Gear, but it certainly does for Death Stranding. Consider my hype in hyperdrive.

  • Lex Radu

    Question: Has anyone here seen “Hacksaw Ridge” and if so, what do you think of Mel Gibson’s depiction of “The Stick vs The Rope”?

    I think it’s really close to what could be in Death Stranding, i mean there aren’t a lot of Games where you have the option to never ever use a gun, even in TPP, you have to use the pistol in hospital, so perhaps this is what Kojima means by “The Rope” saving your enemies istead of killing them.

    If we think abote it, he kinda did that in Big Boss’s saga with the fulton.

    What are your thoughts?

    • NegaScott128

      It’s kinda interesting. Ostensibly, the film takes the side of the rope, since Doss is the lead character and the film paints the military men who oppose him in a pretty negative light, outside of Vince Vaughn’s character. In addition, Doss is presented in almost Christ-like overtones at certain points, most obviously the ending shot.

      At the same time, Gibson seems to really, really like the stick. Even early in the film, when that one guy gets hurt by the car, the depiction of violence is both graphic and fetishized. This is something that occurs throughout Gibson’s films, and it’s more or less just part of his style. But at the same time, for a movie that’s supposed to be about pacifism, the focus on violence and the way it’s depicted runs counter to that goal. I get that he probably wanted to depict “the horrors of war,” but it doesn’t quite work for the story he’s trying to tell.

      • Lex Radu

        The Violence was there at such a disturbing level to make you feel like Desmond did on the battlefield, and to show that the people who use guys are not wrong either, that we should respect both ways, weapon and no weapon, just like Desmond, he didn’t tell the others to not use weapons, he did not took that right from them, he only wanted not to use one himself!

        I look at Desmond as the right way to believe in something, do how you feel, and not force everyone else to be like you, just like he did here

        That’s what Mel tried to show here, that both ways are right, he didn’t favor one over another, plus the graphic stuff started in the second part of act 2, after the mid point climax of the Movie!

        It’s a shame he didn’t won for Best Director…curious what he’ll do with Suicide Squad 2!

        • NegaScott128

          The violence did not only start in the second act, it was present even in the early parts of the movie. The man who was injured by the car gets some loving close-ups and spews an unnecessary amount of blood for such a minor incident in the plot. Gibson’s love of violence has been a common theme in all his films, but it’s especially egregious here. It makes sense in, say, Passion of the Christ, where the goal was to impart the sheer magnitude of suffering Jesus went through. But in a movie that is supposed to be advocating pacifism, or at least nonviolence, it does not make sense to include such graphic violence and present it in the way Gibson did. It distracts from and confuses the message.

          • Lex Radu

            I guess that makes him a great choice for Suicide Squad 2 at least!

      • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

        That battle sequence with the two guys was gross
        When violence is disturbing in a pacifist movie, it’s done right
        But he abused too much in the gore

        • Lex Radu

          If it made you feel unconfortable, then he did it right, that was the point!

          • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

            Yeah I know
            But the gore was exaggerated
            Realism is needed in a biography

    • radun

      Good movie as other pointed out. It builds up some very intense and emotional scenes which are greatly dependent on the context.

  • JJBYACHFullOptions2KojiBoi

    Saw this on reddit, sounds like a fan made snippet of the DS soundtrack


    • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet


    • Every phone call must be an epic experience.

  • Lex Radu

    Wooooow, those look amazing, bro!
    Wish i had a PS4

  • Lex Radu

    Anyway, you did a good job here

    Keep it up!

  • Looks like Kojima is coming to the Netherlands to visit Guerrilla (KLM is Royal Dutch Airlines).


    • Full Options

      Sounds great !! ;D Btw, how far from you if the studio is next Guerrilla’s ??
      You may feel the Koji-Force if close enough ?! xD

    • Lex Radu

      And he’ll keep coming!

  • MrVux007

    And here I am working thru my paperwork and then I see this on my phone…starting to think about my copy waiting for me at home thousands of miles away…

    • Full Options

      Hold tight buddy ! When mission ends / R U back, btw ?? ;D


      • MrVux007

        That gif of yours is pretty much how I feel my life is sometimes XD

        My contract was prolonged on my request to 24.04. so that I can catch some summer time,and that way I have secured my time at home for Christmas for the first time in 6 years ^^

        Also,either I’m seeing things or the new Zelda game got almost perfect score on Metacritic 98/100 which is much higher then Horizon:Zero Dawn.Like wow XD
        I never really saw an appeal to those games myself but I guess I need to give them a shot again.

        BTW You planning of getting the Breath of the wild or Horizon:ZD ? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1e17fe159f60ea97f04f4bc72e309c86ffea18f798caa775d1b56e509bcc485e.jpg

        • Full Options

          Heeeyyy bro, thx for the update !
          Glad you secured your XMas !

          Look, regarding your question, you are asking me if I’d choose between the last game Koji-Pro participated on while developing DS vs Zelda, right ?
          Well I hope I chose wisely, because it will be 1000% H:ZD first, even if the meta-scores were lower than an Ewoks based game starring Jar-Jar…
          Last Zelda must be awesome tho.. ;D

          • MrVux007


            Even tho I liked Ocarina of time,that I consider one of the best games of all time,reading the reviews of its other games that came after it along with Breath of the wild,it would seem to me that lot of these reviewers are basing their reviews on nostalgia and are thus more forgiving on some aspects of the games.I’m not saying BOW is a bad game,but I do believe the scores are bit untrustworthy,which is usually the case with Nintendo games.Guess I will find out when I try it out on my Wii-u ^^

          • Full Options

            You remind me some feelings… The story just repeat itself… I used to love 8 bit Zelda’s because they were crafted for ex, like Konami’s Maze of Galious (Knightmare 2)… Ocarina was very appreciable to me, but it was yet another generation (loved it)… Nintendo is dangerously playing the “Disney” of gaming… Which resumes itself as taking HC gamers so their future gamers like retards…
            I have Nintendo red-flashing in my HUD for some time now…
            Like dead-locked-on.. 🙁
            Please keep us tuned on the matter ! THX

  • I hope that Jordan Vogt-Roberts will not make a Metal Gear Solid movie. Now that is 100% for sure.
    I recommend watching this to understand why.
    Please watch it and You will understand that the recent Hollywood ideas are not working. Not to mention that this ovie has bland-horrible characters that just there… No. Metal Gear Solid has one of the best characters of all time not just in gaming but in media and this huy wants to make a movie? No. NO. N O !

    • NegaScott128

      I’m not really looking forward to the MGS movie, but I’d like to give Roberts some leeway with Skull Island. The characters being bland is a script problem, not a direction problem. Since one of the writers also wrote the 2014 Godzilla film, which had the same problem, I’m willing to bet it’s on him.

      As for the direction and editing, I’d like to point out that WB has been known to heavily interfere with films in editing, most notably with Suicide Squad. So it’s possible that these issues were caused by studio interference, not Roberts. I remember Kings of Summer, his previous film, being pretty well-directed, but since I haven’t seen it in a while, I can’t say for sure.

      Given that Kojima seems to be on good terms with Roberts, it’s clear he must be doing something right when it comes to MGS. Perhaps he’d be more comfortable with that material than a monster movie, or maybe the script is good enough that he actually has something to work with. He might get kicked off the project, but we’ll have to wait for the box office results to really be sure. Hollywood doesn’t care how good a movie is as long as it makes money; after all, Michael Bay still gets work. If Skull Island does well financially, then he’ll probably stay on as director. If not, then hope they get someone good to replace him.

      • Skull Island will do well financially because it is a 190$ million budget movie with an PG-13 rating and there is a name behind it. Just like Godzilla movie it will do very well in theaters.
        Script problem or not, he is a director of this movie. He could talk with the producers about it that it is not working for him. Directors and producers are always the most important people for these projects. You can’t defend Roberts honestly with his first huge film.

        Judging by the review or reviews it’s trying to be a Marvel movie as much as possible. It’s not good.
        I mean, it’s not a good idea to begin with to cast him as a director for this huge license. He is an indie movie maker and he did one decent indie movie with a low budget.

        This is how Hollywood works. Metal Gear Solid is the most vulnerable IP for Marvel cliche stuff.

        • NegaScott128

          You seriously think a small-time director is gonna have any pull with the producers on a big-budget blockbuster?

          Hollywood has been tapping indie directors for big blockbusters for decades now. Tim Burton had only done Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure when he was tapped for Batman, Sam Raimi was most famous for Evil Dead when he did Spider-Man, David Fincher hadn’t done any feature film when he was chosen for Alien 3. Even recently, we’ve had Colin Trevorrow doing Jurassic World and the Russo Brothers, most famous for TV shows like Community and Arrested Development, doing Captain America.

          Roberts is not an outlier in Hollywood. Studios use these smaller directors because they think they can boss them around a bit more, have greater control than you’d get with a big-name director. On paper, it’s a safer financial option than letting an “auteur” handle it. But at the same time, too much interference can cause serious harm to the movie, especially when the executives have no clue what they’re doing. WB has a big problem with how they handle their big movies, letting directors like Zack Snyder have free reign with valuable IP while restricting other directors like David Ayer, as well as backing terrible projects like Legend of Tarzan and Pan. They hire the wrong people for the wrong jobs and let the wrong people have creative control.

          This feels like yet another mismanaged project. Whether it was due to Roberts not being a good studio director, or WB interfering with the film in editing or even filming, or some combination of the two, I can’t say. I haven’t even seen the movie yet. But, considering WB’s recent history, and the other people involved with the project, I’m not gonna throw Roberts under the bus just yet.

      • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

        The editing in SS didn’t kill me
        It hurt me very *three dramatic cuts appear*
        Very *neon unicorns appear and one jump cut*
        *fifteen jump cuts *
        More and more neon shit
        Honestly the editing problem is on Greg Silverman who hires shit editors and doesn’t allow the director to interfere
        Now that he’s fired WB will be better better off dude

    • Lex Radu

      It’s Jordan’s first big Movie, for a big company like WB,, give him a chance.

      Hell, David Fincher’s first Big Movie was Alien 3, and that was a letdown too, but guess what, a few years later, just like Jordan getting ready to adapt Metal Gear to the big screen, Fincher got the job to make an adaptation to the big screen.

      That Movie was “Fight Club”, and ever since, his Movies have been nothing short of amazing.

      Now i’m not saying Jordan is the greatest Director ever, no, all i’m saying is that his first Movie was really good, he is a really good Director with potential who made a mistake like most Directors do before doing good

      And here i’ll Paraphrase-Quote Kevin Smith…you should always make the best Movie you can at that moment with the tools you are given, and not the one you wish to be making, you can always do that later, and so far it sounds like Jordan is a Rookie Director with potential!

    • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

      Tell that to the the Skullcrawlers’ snapped neck
      Tell that to the the MUTOS’ snapped neck
      Godzilla was a great movie but it focused too much on humans
      Kong however is great contrast to this
      Also it got good reviews
      What’s the issue?
      Because it doesn’t have a story?
      That’s not Jordan’s fault
      That’s what the audience wanted
      We All knew it was gonna be like that
      Get on with it dude

      • radun

        C’mon man, Godzilla was a mediocre movie by any standards. Unfocused, badly written and simply.. forgettable.

      • Sorry, Godzilla was a mediocre movie even by a Godzilla standards.
        And yeah, Kong does not have great reviews: http://www.metacritic.com/movie/kong-skull-island

        Jordan’s fault with bad editing and directing. Yeah and this is his fault with the story that he could discuss with writers and especially producers.

        • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

          Godzilla was so generic…
          It was not great
          I don’t know what I smoked this morning
          It maybe some autocorrect weed

          It wasn
          It was a generic monster movie
          Badly written and the visuals looked like shit

        • Gattsu

          There has been a lot of games and movies with low scores, but I still loved/enjoyed them. So imo a movie isnt necessarily bad if official reviews give them low scores, because everyone has a different opinion.

          I dont know what everyone is expecting of Kong or Godzilla after so many other movies.

          He might be able to make a good MGS movie, but i get it that many dont even want MGS movie, no matter who make it. I’m willing to give him a chance.

    • Full Options

      Mmmh… So Skull Island is cr.p ??
      You know, if he mess MGS, we’ll track him down and hang him high by his beard… He’ll have no place to hide… That’s what’s makes us MGS fans… xD

      • Gattsu

        Some seem to really love.the movie and think it is awesome. Its up to the watcher what think of the new Kong.

        • Full Options

          All right Gatts… You saw it ? Thx for the feedback anyways, we’ll definitely check.

          • Gattsu

            No I havent seen it, but I read opinions from twitter. Is often better to watch full movie first before judging imo :).

          • Full Options

            Yeah, critics can be pretty accurate but they can also be severely subjective and mistaken sometimes. I usually make my own opinion with movies I am really waiting for.. 😀

          • It’s all about opinions really. Gotta see it for yourself to judge it. You can just agree with someone else but afterwards you might think they were wrong!

          • Gattsu

            Indeed :).

  • The one with the night is impressive as hell. I love it.

  • Full Options
    • Lex Radu

      Wow, so Death Stranding happens before Horizon!

      • Full Options

        Koji-blood in Horizon’s veins… 😀

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