Fans get Metal Gear Online 2 working on official firmware

Metal Gear Online 2 was the fairly popular multiplayer component of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots until the servers where closed on June 12th, 2012. Since then, fans have kept the game alive on private servers through custom firmware, but now the people of Save MGO also managed to get it working on official firmware, meaning everyone with a PS3 and a flashdrive containing the right data will be able to play the game. Below is their announcement:

I’m proud to announce that we here at SaveMGO finally have MGO2 working on Official Firmware, along with the infamous 1.36 update!

This means that anyone on official firmware, meaning any console, will soon be able to play MGO2. 

This is accomplished by restoring a custom backup from USB.

This method uses files to spoof MGS4’s Game Data version to 2.00, to circumvent the Trophy update, and to replace the URLs within the game to connect to our servers.

This update will include the 1.36 update, as we currently aren’t able to use the in-game updater.

All you will need is a USB flashdrive with enough space for the backup (about 6GB, may increase later), and a copy of NA MGS4 or EU MGS4.

At this time, we only have the 1.36 update for NA and EU, but if you have the 1.36 update for JP MGS4 or JP MGO, then please contact us.

The game is still region-locked but we will be looking into methods to bypass the region lock.

In addition, we have also figured out they key to getting 1.36 working again. If you remember, this update changed Drebin prices, changed skills, increased runner speeds, added anti-cheating measures, and removed the lag (invisible grenade) phenomenon.

You can view the original MGO2 1.36 version changes here.

Ghz has been hard at work on re-writing the server code. He has fixed a lot of bugs, and will be adding an immense amount of functionality in the near future. Notable changes are: correct game listing and info, saving host settings, adding friend and block lists, proper skill/gear sets, player searching, match history, and much more. Survival and Tournament however, are not coming out as of yet. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done in that department.

And finally, Ghz and I will be working on the site, to start bringing everything together. Soon, you will have one login for all of SaveMGO—a single login for the forums, MGO2, and the /MGO2/ section of the site. Speaking of, the MGO2 section of the site will be thoroughly updated and fixed, providing more functionality, one example being host settings presets. 

The forums will also be integrated with MGO to show your clan information and ranks, and along with this, we will provide access to an API to allow you to create your own tools to share with the community.

All in all, there is a lot coming very soon. “So, when will this be,” you might be ask…

We’re aiming for the start of April (no, not April Fools), but it we may be push it back if necessary.

As we come closer to the release date we will be testing a few things, such as stress testing the server, so we don’t have the same issues as last time (if anyone remembers, that was a nightmare).

See you soon guys, be sure to stay tuned!

Source: Save MGO

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