Fans get Metal Gear Online 2 working on official firmware

Metal Gear Online 2 was the fairly popular multiplayer component of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots until the servers where closed on June 12th, 2012. Since then, fans have kept the game alive on private servers through custom firmware, but now the people of Save MGO also managed to get it working on official firmware, meaning everyone with a PS3 and a flashdrive containing the right data will be able to play the game. Below is their announcement:

I’m proud to announce that we here at SaveMGO finally have MGO2 working on Official Firmware, along with the infamous 1.36 update!

This means that anyone on official firmware, meaning any console, will soon be able to play MGO2. 

This is accomplished by restoring a custom backup from USB.

This method uses files to spoof MGS4’s Game Data version to 2.00, to circumvent the Trophy update, and to replace the URLs within the game to connect to our servers.

This update will include the 1.36 update, as we currently aren’t able to use the in-game updater.

All you will need is a USB flashdrive with enough space for the backup (about 6GB, may increase later), and a copy of NA MGS4 or EU MGS4.

At this time, we only have the 1.36 update for NA and EU, but if you have the 1.36 update for JP MGS4 or JP MGO, then please contact us.

The game is still region-locked but we will be looking into methods to bypass the region lock.

In addition, we have also figured out they key to getting 1.36 working again. If you remember, this update changed Drebin prices, changed skills, increased runner speeds, added anti-cheating measures, and removed the lag (invisible grenade) phenomenon.

You can view the original MGO2 1.36 version changes here.

Ghz has been hard at work on re-writing the server code. He has fixed a lot of bugs, and will be adding an immense amount of functionality in the near future. Notable changes are: correct game listing and info, saving host settings, adding friend and block lists, proper skill/gear sets, player searching, match history, and much more. Survival and Tournament however, are not coming out as of yet. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done in that department.

And finally, Ghz and I will be working on the site, to start bringing everything together. Soon, you will have one login for all of SaveMGO—a single login for the forums, MGO2, and the /MGO2/ section of the site. Speaking of, the MGO2 section of the site will be thoroughly updated and fixed, providing more functionality, one example being host settings presets. 

The forums will also be integrated with MGO to show your clan information and ranks, and along with this, we will provide access to an API to allow you to create your own tools to share with the community.

All in all, there is a lot coming very soon. “So, when will this be,” you might be ask…

We’re aiming for the start of April (no, not April Fools), but it we may be push it back if necessary.

As we come closer to the release date we will be testing a few things, such as stress testing the server, so we don’t have the same issues as last time (if anyone remembers, that was a nightmare).

See you soon guys, be sure to stay tuned!

Source: Save MGO

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    Hmmm… Good to know but careful, they may quickly patch the official FW… I am not sure if it is still important to them since PS3’s life-time is pretty advanced, but they usually not leave breaches of such in the official firmware, since Sony is legally not supposed to facilitate playing a game without the behalf of their 3rd party devs and publishers…
    If Sony does not patch it within the next 2 upcoming FW, maybe they’ll leave it as is, but I highly doubt it…
    Sony are usually extremely careful with legal issues…
    If they can’t patch the breach with the next FW update, then it means they have technical issues to do so, but they should logically and unfortunately have the will to do it.

    • Mr.Pony

      I can see Konami start issuing a cease and desist like they did for the Shadow Moses project.

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        It is technically in Sony’s hand, because to say it fast, and aside their contractual obligation with Konami, their platform is hereby used for gaming without them earning a single buck out of it.

        • Mr.Pony

          But doesn’t this use code or assets from the original MGO2 which is owned by Konami? For all intents and purposes don’t you still need the MGS4 to run this? If you do need, then Sony has already made its buck with the person buying the game, Konami on the other hand is having part of its assets used without authorization.

          • Full Options

            You are right although it is a bit more complicated. I was not referring to a potential cut on a copy sale.

            The original code is indeed owned by Konami however, that is console manufacturer’s responsibility to restrain its usage through the official firmware, to respect the third party agreement.
            If Konami does not want to host any MGO2 server anymore, nor want anybody to host some, only Sony can and must efficiently enough take care of that by patching the system accordingly.

            Sony pay their engineers to secure the system so it can only run code issued by their first and third party developers. If the PS3 runs a non-official service via an official firmware, the console is then used for something else than what it was initially designed for.

            This is not a direct pert of profit, but could impact consoles sales for reasons dealing with the same breach, along with impairing the brand stability and security image. In other words, they have nothing to win in maintaining such breach and only risks to have others use the same threat for other purposes. No bucks it that sense.

          • Derrik Touve

            We might see something happen, but I don’t think it’s very likely. Konami doesn’t really seem to have a sense much of an influence over Sony as some other companies do, like Activision and Rockstar. There used to be firmware updates every new COD game, probably the same for GTA. The people that cheat on those games also get banned from PSN, very quickly. I haven’t seen anything of the sort with Konami.

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            I hope you are right.. Problem is that if Sony let run something out of their technical requirement checklist (TRC), they are accountable to end users and partners.
            The legal dept may not take such risk.
            Example : The console burn your whole flat.. The insurance figure out the console is responsible… If the firmware is custom, then Sony is not responsible. But if the FW is official, that’s their fault… stuff like that..
            It is all about legal issues..
            They are just condemned to fill their security breaches, whatever the threat, because they can not evaluate the gravity at the proper engineering level… But at the legal level, they can not take any risk, even if the engineers will guaranty them there are not any…

          • Solid O.

            But they’re not using Konami servers, they’re using their own Savemgo fan server …

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            Yeah, I know and it should be fine for client consoles connecting to it with custom firmwares forever, but if the console is running the official firmware, then Sony become legally exposed.
            If you are authorized developer, your application has to pass heavy QA submissions tests in order to get authorized for commercialization.
            Those tests mainly guaranty Sony that the console won’t run into problems like for example potentially harming users, etc, and for which Sony would be considered legally responsible.

            More simply, if you run custom firmware, you are at your own risks and Sony don’t really care, but if the firmware is official, the software running on the server you connect to, did not pass any QA stage, so they are legally exposed to trials if for example personal info was leaked from your account, or if the console burns, etc…

  • JJBYACHFullOptions2KojiBoi

    Off topic:
    So happy to see that Hellblade is finally in alpha, looks really good.

    The way they are messing with perspective and the 3D environment is not only great for narrative reasons; giving a more accurate depiction of a psychosis – a depiction only possible through the video game medium, but also for gameplay reasons, allowing for much more natural and interesting environmental puzzles which don’t feel look like BS padding.

    Also the graphics blew me away. Looks like pre-rendered CG at points:

    • Lex Radu

      I hapen to know a person which suffered of psychosis, and given what he/she told me so far, looks pretty accuarte here, they really did their research for sure, it shows in this clip alone!

      I’m hella excited for this Game, i like the execution too, not just the concept, and as a piece of entertainment looks also fun to play, more fun than i would expect from a game this deep!

      • JJBYACHFullOptions2KojiBoi

        I couldn’t agree anymore. This is shaping up to be a great year for gaming. At this rate it could potentially be one of the best years for games since 2004.

        Even thinking about the launch line up of 2004 gives me chills: MGS3, Half-Life 2, GTA SA, Halo 2, World of Warcraft, Sims 2, Ninja Gaiden – what a year…

        • Full Options

          I can tell.. You are their greatest fan, and you have serious reasons, buddy. “Fresh” new energies / motivation is what make this industry go forward… Really fun to see how passionate are those devs ! ;D

  • Mago Som


    • Ricardo Oe

      You is the guy…
      Say all …

  • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

    I didn’t know they have protomorph eggs in your country Nyxus 😛
    All that’s missing is Michael Fassbender’s David dissecting space jockeys and creating eggs

  • Solid Old

    HYPE! MGO2 is the best, can’t wait!

  • Solid Old

    It was a mistake for them to shutdown so early in 2012 since a lot of people were still playing, and EVEN NOW 5 years later people still want to play it.
    A lot of petitions happened too for Konami to bring back MGO2, but they never listened the fans.
    Now just let us play the TRUE MGO because MGO3 (dead) is a disappointment!

  • Jav

    I sold my ps3 when I bought my ps4. So I just want the old games in ps4.

    • Ricardo Oe

      Very smart…
      Your intelligence must be great.

  • Nicholas Perry


    • Derrik Touve

      No, it won’t unfortunately. We could change that even if we wanted to, on OFW. Trying to fix that sort of stuff would be a massive undertaking. It would help to play with players near you though, so you all have fairly low pings to each other.

      • Full Options

        Do you guys built the server from scratch on top of something like Jenkins RakNet ?

        • Derrik Touve

          Havent heard of that before. However, it’s built using Netty, which is a networking framework for Java.

          • Full Options

            RakNet is a SCE third party authorized network gaming library. I am not sure what their licensing scheme became these days but the lib is a pretty good / famous reference in the domain :


            So you use a Netty servlet server-side, or something ? Very interesting… Do you run a unique instance of the server side application ? Do you think wider infras could help addressing the problem ?

          • Derrik Touve

            Well, Netty is used More as a lower-level thing. We decode, decrypt, read, generate, encrypt, decide the payloads ourselves. The program branches off into a thread for each subserver (each port), and has a bunch of worker threads that manage the packets. It’s pretty speedy, but we have issues with the older live server because I didn’t really understand what I was doing at first. I know more now and it seems a lot better, however, we still need to do some stress testing.

          • Full Options

            I understand.. Do you yet use API access to simd in order to possibly vectorize some hot code areas in Netty ?

            RakNet is written in C++ and the code is open / available for PC, perhaps you may inspect what they did to grab possible ideas regarding its architecture :

            Keep us tuned about when you’ll drop the tools !

  • Solid O.
  • SNKtheStampede

    Lex Radu my friend go see the video as soon as you read this
    message cause they’re claiming copyright in 3, 2, 1, arrgh… However I managed
    to merge the radio edit and the album track in order to have proper length. So,
    they’ll claim copyright for an original cut of the song… That’s youtube. Hope
    you’ll manage to watch it, cause I think you would like the result.

    • LeGuyWhoDownedQuiet

      Save it on dropbox before it gets taken down
      This song is so depressing
      When it first released some of the lyrics made me smile and even grin and smirk
      Now they make me cry

    • Lex Radu

      Holly crap. I don’t know how to thank you, man!

      • SNKtheStampede

        My pleasure man. I am no way into editing, but it was fun to do some practice. I found it very intetesting.

    • Lex Radu

      The only think i would change, is the sonf to start exactly where “easy way out” would!
      Again thanks!

      • SNKtheStampede

        Yes, of course different choices are possible. I chose to match the rising of the song with that of the baby. By doing so I found that a lot of other matches came around almost smoothlessly. What I am most happy with is how seamlessly I managed to merge the radio edit and the album track. Beginner’s luck gotta be! XD


    First movie was good. This one has Ryan Reynolds ass in the phone booth! Enjoy.

    • Tom Brearley-Smith

      Ha ha ha! I was laughing my ass off throughout!
      “Wow, nice suit.”
      “Shut it, Stan Lee!”

  • moto hellogoto

    This game was a blast to play. i’d love to come back to it if its populated.

  • solidhoax

    Hi, can the 25th anniversary version (of mgs4) play the online mode?

    • Metal Gear Online isn’t included in that version.

      • solidhoax

        Alright, gonna have to replace it then with the full version, thanks 🙂

  • BurntFM

    omg how have I not seen this before today? My japanese is very limited and I forgot most of what I learned but this was very entertaining. I don’t think I’ve seen Kojima interaction with Japanese shows before. Specially one where they give him a Gin and Tonic right at the start lol

  • As an aside, TPP’s MGO is a great game. If you play it like a single player game and use camo and sneak you can really dominate. The people still playing really use teamwork and enjoy the game. I play it all the time still.

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