Small Kojima updates on new MGS2 figure and MGS GZ checking

Some small updates from Kojima today. First, he showed a photo of a new Metal Gear Solid 2 Raiden action figure coming out next week in Japan.


‘”MGS2 Raiden” by PlayArts KAI, will be available next week (sorry, JPN only). Awesome skull suit!’

The figure will be available in December along with the Play Arts Liquid Snake figure at a price of 9240 yen each.

Also, Christmas decorations at Kojima Productions!


‘Chrstmas is sneaking, even to our GZ checking booth.’

Speaking of checking Ground Zeroes, Kojima mentioned how the different control setups are confusing him.

‘I get confused w controller’s buttons & maneuver every time I switch b/w PlayStation & X-BOX during game check. I get used to it soon thou.’

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter,

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