New trailer by Kojima will be for the fans, ‘with sweet memories’

Update 2: Here are the exact times the trailer will be published, in different time zones:


Update: The new trailer is coming August 25th, as confirmed by Kojima himself.

“The launch trailer of MGSV TPP edited by myself, “METAL GEAR’s Evolution & Harmony” will be out on 25th in US time.”

Original story:

On Twitter, Kojima has said he’s making a new trailer for the Metal Gear Solid fans. A few days ago he announced he was working on a video themed ’the evolution and harmony of Metal Gear’, which may be the same project.

“Wondering what’s people’s favorite one in MGS series differs by generations? As it’s 17 years long series….”

“I’m making a new trailer for MGS series fans. It’s not a Hollywoody big budget pre-rendered one but it’ll be “hand made” w/ sweet memories.”

Kojima also said he’s been working on a launch trailer, it’s not clear if this is the same video or if they’re actually two different trailers coming.



“MGSV TPP launch trailer is pretty much done, just need little more adjustment. Here’s the monitor shot.”


“Mixing is done for the launch trailer.”

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

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