Metal Gear Solid The Board Game is back and releasing in April of 2024

Alongside the unveiling of Metal Gear Solid Delta Snake Eater and the Master Collection during the PlayStation Showcase, Konami made another announcement: Metal Gear Solid The Board Game is now available for pre-order and set for release in April of next year.

The project was originally announced in 2018, but suffered several delays only to be cancelled altogether in 2021. But now, Konami has brought the project back, and by pre-ordering players can get an exclusive ‘Integral Edition’, which comes with a graphic novel and Metal Gear REX miniature. A message on the official Metal Gear Portal site reads:

Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game brings the video game franchise to your tabletop! Pre-orders are now open for this cooperative game where players take on the role of their favorite video game characters.

The game is designed by Emerson Matsuuchi and illustrated by Marco Checchetto. It includes over 20 detailed miniatures of the characters from the Metal Gear Solid video game, and 2 ways to play. The VR Mission Book contains 6 independent Missions that can be played at any moment with any player count. For an additional challenge, players can also choose to experience the Shadow Moses campaign, playing across a 14 Mission-campaign.

By participating in this pre-order, you will get an exclusive edition of the Board Game, the Integral Edition, which features a fully illustrated 109-page graphic novel, bringing each Mission of the campaign to life, and an exclusive, 13cm tall Metal Gear REX miniature!

  • Product Details : Board game, 1-4 players, recommended age 14+
  • Price : 100 USD
  • Release Date : Available for pre-orders now, delivery estimated in April 2024

You can also check out this video, shared by CMON, the maker of the board game.

CMON also shared additional photos and info on their own website, which you can find here.

If you’re looking to pre-order the game, head on over to this page.

Source: Metal Gear Portal Site, CMON

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