In Metal Gear Solid V, the player can choose between life and death for certain characters

Metal Gear Solid V’s story will adapt to the choices of the player. In an interview Kojima shed some light on how the freedom in the game works.

The player can play missions, serving as kind of episodes in the story, in the order he wants, and the story will adapt naturally to that. Within these episodes, choices can be made. At certain moments, the player will be able to decide between life and death for certain characters, and what follows depends on his actions. But, when developing this system they need to be careful not to create time paradoxes in the story, since there are games before and after this one and the story needs to stay coherent to the overall storyline.


The E3 trailer focused mainly on ways for Snake to move through the environment, but there will also be plenty of new gadgets and items in the game that Snake can use during his missions. He will have to use them if he wants to become even better.

The themes of race and vengeance are at the heart of the game. Kojima has been discussing child soldiers since MGS2, but this time he wanted to go further. He doesn’t ask himself if these topics are taboo, because they are part of the story, so he has to talk about it. With PS4 and Xbox One, he can advance the story and better convey his messages. He hopes that there is a place for games with topics such as these.


Kojima always creates installments in the series with the idea that it will be the last one, and he closes of the story arc of the character, wether it’s about Solid Snake or Big Boss. He has been saying that it will be his last game for a while, but it seems that he can’t abandon Metal Gear. But even if he did, he will be certain Konami will continue the series.

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