Kojima stealthily hides in Square Enix booth during Comic Con

When Kojima visited Comic Con this year, it was as if he was trapped in one his own games, because he had to hide from the hordes of fans who wanted a picture or an autograph.

On the Kojima Productions Alert 6, host Chris Johns talked about his experience visiting a crowded place full of fans that recognized Hideo Kojima.

There were so many people asking for Hideo’s autograph, he had to flee to the Square Enix booth, where he could seek refuge in the space used for storing their toy figures. This space got more roomy every day, as more and more figures were sold.


But when he tweeted something about the Square Enix booth, people figured out where he was, and fans dressed as Metal Gear soldiers began appearing and looking for him, pretending to be looking at the figures. So Kojima had to sneak out through another exit.


This isn’t the first time people have been able to sneak on Kojima. During the Metal Gear Rising tour, one fan actually waited for them at the airport, having calculated what time they would land based on the tour schedule and the previous city Kojima visited.

They also explained that Kojima does like meeting people and interacting with the fans, but he is often busy and doesn’t have the time for it.

Source: Kojima Productions Alert 6, Hideo Kojima Twitter

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