Close up: Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops KonamiStyle Limited Premium Pack

After releasing the spin-off titles Metal Gear Ac!d and Metal Gear Ac!d 2, Kojima Productions brought a more traditional Metal Gear Solid to the PlayStation Portable in 2006: Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops. Though widely regarded non-cannon now, the game played its part as it was in many ways the precursor of Peace Walker, introducing gameplay elements such as base building and soldier recruiting to the series.

As with previous games in the franchise, an exclusive Premium Pack bundle was available for purchase as well. Or in this case, two Premium Packs.

The one right here is called the KonamiStyle Limited Premium Pack, and this is the more expensive of the two. KonamiStyle is the company’s official outlet. It exists as an online retailer as well as physical stores (though the one in Tokyo Midtown closed its doors at the end of last year).


The KonamiStyle Limited Premium Pack was released in Japan on December 21st of 2006, for a price of 39,690 (around $336 / €290), including taxes. As you might expect, this is a highly limited item. Only 2500 of these exist, and they are all individually numbered. It is hard to find these days and usually commands high prices due to its rarity. Of course, it was never cheap in the first place due to its contents, which we will take a look at now.

But first the box itself, which is surprisingly large compared to other Premium Packs, especially if you remember this bundle is for a portable game. It features a dark, low-key snakeskin print, with on the center a shiny silver emblem with the Portable Ops logo and below it the name of this edition.


When you open the box the first thing you’ll see is the artwork printed on the inside of the lid. It’s an illustration by Noriyoshi Ohrai, who created similar artworks for Metal Gear Solid 2 and Metal Gear Solid 3 (you may remember some of those where featured in the cutscene in Metal Gear Solid 4 when Snake meets Big Mama in the church). It’s quite a large print that covers nearly the entire space.


Now, the goodies. First of all, the bundle comes with an authenticity certificate. It’s a small piece of paper that lists the contents. At the bottom you can see the number that belongs to this specific pack (1672). It’s always nice to know just how many (or how few) copies exist of your collector’s item.


The main reason for it being so expensive is the fact that it includes an exclusive PlayStation Portable (back then the handheld was still quite pricey). This PSP is a special edition version with camouflage print, only available in these two Premium Packs.


Obviously, the game itself is included as well.

MGS-Portable-Ops-KonamiStyle MGS-Portable-Ops-KonamiStyle-Open

You also get a PSP carrying pouch called the ‘Skin of the Warrior’ case. Apparently this is genuine snake skin.

MGS-Portable-Ops-KonamiStyle-Premium-Pack-Snakeskin-Pouch MGS-Portable-Ops-KonamiStyle-Premium-Pack-Snakeskin-Pouch-Back

Next up, a wrist-strap to attach to your PSP called the ‘Tail of the Killer’. It’s also adorned with real snakeskin and quite a heavy steel emblem with the game’s logo in it.


Also included: a card advertising some website that doesn’t exist anymore.


Then there are three pins in bronze, silver and golden colors. They depict a Soviet soldier (bronze), a FOX Unit soldier (silver) and Big Boss himself (gold).

MGS-Portable-Ops-KonamiStyle-Premium-Pack-Pins MGS-Portable-Ops-KonamiStyle-Premium-Pack-Pins-Close

To conclude, this is truly an item meant for collectors. It’s pricey and it’s exclusive. This is probably why they made two versions, with the normal Premium Pack being a lot more affordable. It’s pretty funny to think that the craziest bundle Konami ever did for a Metal Gear game is still this one, for a game that’s not even part of the official timeline. It may just be the biggest and most expensive one (going by original prices that is). It’s quite a bit bigger than Rising’s Premium Package, for example.


Aside from its size, it is also a very limited item. So this is really something you should only look into if you’re serious about your Metal Gear collection, and if you have some money to spare.

  • metalgearjax

    I thought po was part of the official mgs timeline? It lead to big boss creating MSF and the events leading to peacewalker even though the events in po are never mentioned again. Or am I wrong <:P

    • This has been a topic of debate for a long time. But Kojima stated during the Twitch interview with Geoff Keighley last year that he makes a distinction between ‘Hideo Kojima games’ and other games in the series (like Rising, and Portable Ops, which he only produced).

      • metalgearjax

        Ahhh ok thanks for clarifying. Still though the fact that it at least continues bb’s story means its at least worth a play through in my book.

        • Yeah it’s a good game.

  • Alberto Sánchez


  • Solid

    Why they make for Japan only ? 🙁

  • ThreeMadFrogs

    My first thought when seeing Portable Ops in this headline was the hope of getting a PSN release with new controls. I would be all over that.
    Still a great article though. The reason I bought a PSP in the first place was for Portable Ops and Liberty City Stories.

  • Big_Boss88

    Wow so much sweet goodies :O…I want it too T_T.

    I should replay this game some time, because it’s been too long.

    Is nice mmm

  • Man, all the artwork Noriyoshi Ohrai did for Metal Gear is awesome. Besides Shinkawa his is my favorite to look at.

    Portable Ops, although “non canon” had a cool story. If you can’t play it watch the cut scenes online. Gene is a great villain!

    • Gotta love glamrock Raiden.

      • Looks like he’d been partying all night and continuing through the am.

        • “Didn’t sleep till morning’

          • Looks like he was up watching Godzilla.

        • Venom_Sina

          I think he watched “King Kong” till AM.

        • Cobra

          Seems fitting.

    • Plissken

      I thought Kojima said parts of Portable Ops were canon. I wish he’d do his own version of it, like a Digital Graphic Novel so we could see what he wanted.
      There was one part I didn’t like about PO, it was when Gene asked Snake if he thought “Volgin commited that act (launching the nuke at the research facility) of his own free will?”
      Of course he did, Volgin was a monster. Gene made it seem like Zero had planned it all from the beginning. But I like how PO was basically Big Boss’ Shadow Moses story, Gene being Liquid, Cunningham being Ocelot, there being a ninja and so on. And I liked Gene as well, it was cool that Steve Blum came back in PW

      • Cobra

        Given it’s gone back and forth a fair bit on a game that WAS completely canon, not to mention green-lighted by Kojima at the time (He’s credited for “Original Story” too, so I’d be interested to know how much of PO is actually his), I’ve just taken Portable Ops as “Everything that isn’t directly contradicted by Peace Walker (and now with MGSV) is still fine” during the past few years. It makes me curious how TPP will deal with the whole Null thing though, and whether or not that’s still legit, since you’d think BB being in a coma in 1975 would retcon Grey Fox’s original Vietnam backstory. Maybe we’ll get a new Grey Fox origin story in TPP?

  • Cipher

    Started playing it on PC with emulator
    and having a tough time beating Python : )

    so far the story is good and the characters are interesting
    but controls are terrible!

    • It was on a single stick psp come on haha

      • Cipher

        yeah , I tried to adjust that but they’re still very annoying

  • Venom_Sina

    Why only for Japan?Japan always gets the good stuff.
    When I played “Portable Ops”,I felt that if I had an extra hand,I could play the game no problem!!The story part was good,but controls were terrible!!
    Thanks,Nyxus for another fantastic “Close up” episode.

  • Javier Sosa

    I really enjoyed that game. I like to think that this is canon. And it make me wish an encounter against a group of fox soldiers in tpp, something like a fight against the rat patrol team.

  • Vegas

    I do not agree with Kojima atitude of not recognizing as canom PO. It is a good game, producers put an effort on it and it doesn’t mess with the rest of the story. Correct me if i am wrong, please.

  • My_FutureDream

    Hey guys! Just wanna say That Im a fan of this site and I check this page out everyday. This has to be the best site in my opinion that I can update myself on metal gear solid and this even has the most kind fans in our community, so I thought It was about time I join this site and say hello! 🙂

    Here is an image to show you guys how big of a fan I am of the series xD please Feel free to add me on psn: My_FutureDream

    • Thanks a lot! And wow, very impressive with all the platinum trophies.

      • My_FutureDream

        No problem, keep up the great work and thank you 😀

    • sick!

      that’s badass, welcome to the site

      • My_FutureDream

        Thank you 😀

    • Big_Boss88

      Wow that is so awesome :O !
      I shall kneel before your power ;).

      Also welcome to MGI and thx this is the Best site.
      Hope you stick around :)!

      • My_FutureDream

        Hehehe thanks you’re too kind xD

    • ThreeMadFrogs

      I only have Platinum in Snake Eater so far and 100% in Ground Zeroes 😛 Great job on your hard work, I’m impressed!

      • My_FutureDream

        Thank you! 😀

    • Cainã Perotti

      Why there are two metal gear solid 2?

      • My_FutureDream

        They are 2 metal gear solid HD collections. One on PS3 and the other on playstation vita 😀

        • Cainã Perotti

          So you got the double of points in your PSN account?

          • My_FutureDream

            Yep! I got double the trophies for mgs2 and mgs3

          • Cainã Perotti

            Oh you!

          • My_FutureDream

            Ahahaa xD

  • Shalashaska

    Somebody BUY me that thing! That looks so.. heavenly..
    I’ve Played this game 3 times but ALWAYS forget the story-line and remember only Null and python :/

    • Mini gear

      hey ocelot when do you think tpp is coming out?

      • Shalashaska

        Kojima is’nt telling me even I’m such a huge part of the game :'(

  • PrinceHeir

    Amazing unboxing!

    Japan exclusive as usual, but oh well, i’ll just have to import them from now on XD

    Love Portable Ops. Gene is still one of my favorite bosses in the whole saga and is up there with The Boss, Big Boss.

    Truly the successor to The Boss. It’s just a shame Zero is the main villain in the franchise. Gene already filled that role perfectly if you played the game(the way he mind fucked Big Boss is incredible. Literally no one was able to break Big Boss like that)

    Gene vs Big Boss, pretty much mirrors the same rivalry between Solid Snake and Liquid Snake.

  • PrinceHeir
    • PrinceHeir

      So it affect everyone right??

      Like if you start a match, everyone is at night time, not one player can choose day while others night since that would be unfair.

  • Cobra

    PO always struck me as being a more faithful sequel to MGS3 than PW, honestly (In terms of plot, anyway. PW was probably the better game on the whole, largely due to the fact that its controls were better than the awful ones PO was hampered with), it’s a shame that Konami largely just ignores it now. People will say that RAXA and the ICBMG didn’t really fit the aesthetic design of a Metal Gear, which is fair to certain degree, but I’d personally say that the whole Apollo-type thing they had going on felt a lot more faithful to the era than Kojima just deciding to go all out and shoehorn something like ZEKE into the prequels. Plus, Gene may just be a recycled Liquid Snake, but I’d say he made for a better villain than Coldman and Doorknob.

    • I still think the name “Hot Coldman” is ridiculous haha

  • Invader_skoodge

    “Impressive Snake!” Guys, I finally did it.Well I did it a few hours ago but I just got online. I finished my marathon. MGS Series Confirmed! Such a crazy and nostalgic weekend. It reminded me why I’m such a big fan of the series and how special and timeless these games are. Here’s the order I played them. MGS -> MGS2 -> MGS3 -> MGS PO -> MGS PW -> MGS4 -> MGS GZ. And for good measure I have around 35% done in MGS VR Missions. I didn’t follow timeline or release dates but how I felt comfortable playing them. It was very exhausting. But “The final moment is mine. My agony is my triumph.” ;p

  • On a side note,

    This looks sick, Big Boss gets blood splatter on him while in battle. This is awesome, Literally seeing the blood on his hands will make this game the most brutal and dark in the series. CANT WAIT!

    Kojima: “Blood all over him in result of being shot too much”
    It’s his own blood haha still cool though.

    • Big_Boss88

      So cool ;D! I love dark and brutal themes in games, especially if it concerns my favorite characters. Bring lots of teary emotions.

      Cant wait to see it all ^_^,thx Crimson for this. Make my time here at work more nuclear when see stuff like this! <3

      • I feel you man, I’m at work too haha
        shit is wack!!! haha

  • CrazyGuy207

    Does anyone know if I bought these on the PS3, if I could transfer them to a Vita and play them on there? I did that with PW, and I think it’d be easier to have all the MGS games on one system.

  • Chris Jackson

    I imported the Ground Zeroes Premium Package. It has a Peace Walker book and a Snake figure in it. Haven’t opened it yet. Trying to keep it’s value. For Peace Walker, I have the imported Metal Gear 20th anniversary collection, along with the North American PSP console bundle and the original copy. For Rising, I have the lamp special edition that also came with an art book. These are just a few things though.

    • Nice, sounds like cool stuff to have on display, and the Premium Packages always look great.

  • Tolga Icer

    I have won this Collection and im selling it. Contact me.

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