This is the cover art for Metal Gear Solid V The Lost Tapes soundtrack cd

At the end of this month a new soundtrack CD for MGSV will be released, called Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain “The Lost Tapes”. It will contain the tracks that weren’t featured on the previously released official soundtrack cd for the game. The cover will feature a blood-covered Snake and Quiet, with a yellow ‘V’ overlaid on top.


It looks like it’s in the same style as the other two MGSV related soundtracks (the Original Soundtrack and the Vocal Tracks), so we can assume the V will be on a separate transparant layer that can be removed.

There will be two versions of The Lost Tapes, a regular one and a limited edition that comes with a cassette tape. To see the tracklist, go here.

Source: CDJapan

  • CR7HarisSnake

    Cant wait for my casette tape to arrive <3 ordered months ago

  • Gatsu

    Sweet cover art :), I’m not sure if I pre-ordered this. Btw I’m maybe getting my KojiPro items this week or next :), yeay can’t wait to wear that shirt!

  • I would buy this but I could literally buy another soundtrack with twice if not thrice the amount of tracks this one has at the same price. Ripoff, IMO.

  • Full Options

    Semi-off topic generation shock… What is your favorite game music bands / composers ??

    Here are my fav themes from them :

    Sega Sound Team (aka SST) on After Burner II:

    Zuntata (worked mostly with Taito, Corp), for Ninja Warriors (“Daddy Mulk”):

    And Chris Huelsbeck on Turrican II (careful this one is really old-school) :

    • Koji Kondo and Nobuo Uematsu come to mind!

      • Full Options

        A true auditive Son of Zelda & FF !!
        I forgot to mention these buddies that have a particular place in my heart :
        Yoshinori Sasaki, Kenichi Matsubara (Penguin Adventure & Castlevania) & a true Love for Kinuyo Yamashita and what she did on Treasure of Usas or Knightmare 2 : The Maze of Galious

      • Koji is the man! best game composer to me

    • BurntFM
      • Full Options

        Mmmh… Sound courtesy of Konami … Interesting, it is going to be hard, I am not sure about the legal fate of rejected songs in such project.
        One should try to send her a nice letter and she could perhaps share them but of course not associating them to MGS in any way and without Konami’s authorization. 🙁

    • Gatsu

      Nobuo Uematsu is the best ever imo, so legendary… Especially the Final Fantasy soundtracks he made are still the best to me at giving feels.

      • Spectralbuttplug

        FF soundtracks ftw

    • Spectralbuttplug

      If the dudes who composed both the dub version(the main theme is glorious) and original version (passionate duelist) of yugioh and composed a video game soundtrack it would be them

    • SST did music for virtua fighter series. Some of my favorite tracks of game music are from VF3 and 4

      • Full Options

        Yeah SST rocks ! I discovered them with probably with Space Harrier.
        OutRun tracks were also cool, and as some (if not all) fans would agree, I always used to choose “Magical Sound Shower” when starting the game on arcade / coin-ops.

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