New Metal Gear Solid merchandise by Fangamer announced

Merchandise company Fangamer has unveiled the next batch of items in their Metal Gear Solid line. This time they added several clothing items, a tote bag made to look like the iconic ‘Orange’ cardboard box, a pack of Metal Gear Solid themed playing cards, a set of Solid and Liquid pins and even a plush set of best friends Solid Snake and Otacon (ketchup bottle included).

Shadow Moses Snapback Hat

This official Metal Gear Solid snapback hat was designed by Derek Carmody and Tony Kuchar. It’s a low-crown profile 6-panel cap with a fully embroidered front design.

Snake and Raiden Enamel Pin Set

A virtual grunt of the digital age. That’s just great.

This official Metal Gear Solid hard-enamel pin set was designed by Nina Matsumoto. Each one measures about 1.7 inches tall.

Cyborg Ninja Shirt

All I can do is fight.

This official Metal Gear Solid t-shirt was adapted by Tony Kuchar from art by Yoji Shinkawa. It’s printed front and back by Forward on soft, 100% cotton shirts from Port & Company and District. Each one comes with a bonus sticker.

Solid Snake Shirt

A name means nothing on the battlefield.

This official Metal Gear Solid t-shirt was designed by Ian Wilding. It’s printed by Forward on soft, 100% cotton shirts by Canvas and District. Each one comes with a bonus sticker.

The Orange Cardboard Box Tote Bag

Don’t put anything in you’re worried about losing—things tend to keep a really low profile in here.

This official Metal Gear Solid canvas tote bag measures about 14.5 inches tall and features a screenprinted design by Tony Kuchar on both sides.

Metal Gear Solid Playing Cards

This should make it easier to keep track of all the characters, if nothing else.

This set of playing cards was manufactured by the US Playing Card Company, the same company that produces Bicycle card decks. It was designed by Tony Kuchar using original art by Yoji Shinkawa.

Snake and Otacon Plush Set

Stars of the cutest li’l codec calls you could imagine.

  • Each fully posable plush stands about 10 inches tall
  • Magnetic field ration and ketchup bottles to hold
  • Snake’s bandana and Otacon’s jacket and metal glasses are removable

These official Metal Gear Solid plushes were designed by Nina Matsumoto and Eyes5.

This is the third batch of Metal Gear Solid items Fangamer has added to their store, the first batch went on sale in November of last year, and the second batch was added in August of this year.

Update 5-20-2021: Fangamer has recently added two new items to their Metal Gear Solid merchandise line, as well as a set of pins that comes as a bonus with one of them. The first new item is a Metal Gear Solid Hoodie with the game’s logo on the front, and designs inspired by its HUD.

Metal Gear Solid Infiltration Pullover Hoodie

This official Metal Gear Solid pullover hoodie was designed by Tony Kuchar with four print locations—front, back, and both sleeves. It’s a midweight, poly-cotton hooded sweatshirt from Independent Trading Company and Port & Company.

The second item is a beanie based on Gray Fox’ exoskeleton helmet, and it comes with three buttons as a bonus.

Metal Gear Solid Tokugawa Heavy Industries Beanie

This official Metal Gear Solid beanie was designed by Brian Carmody and features an embroidered logo. Each one comes with three 1″ bonus buttons.

Update 9-14-2021: Three new items have been added: two shirts and a lenticular pin set inspired by the game’s CODEC.

Big Shell Incident Shirt

This official Metal Gear Solid t-shirt was designed by Nina Matsumoto and printed by Forward on soft, 100% cotton shirts from Canvas and District. Each one comes with a bonus sticker.

Metal Gear Solid What a Thrill Shirt

What a thrill! / you’re clothing, and I’ll change into you. This official Metal Gear Solid shirt was designed by Jon Kay and Jorge M. Velez and printed by Forward on soft polycotton shirts from Canvas. Each one comes with a bonus sticker.

Metal Gear Solid CODEC Lenticular Pin Set

All sorts of frequencies in one convenient package.

This official Metal Gear Solid pin set includes six 1.4-inch tall lenticular codec faces that shift between two images depending on your perspective, plus a hard-enamel codec pin you can place between them for added verisimilitude.


  • Roy Campbell
  • Solid Snake
  • Meryl Silverburgh
  • Otacon
  • Sniper Wolf
  • Liquid Snake/Master Miller

Source: Fangamer

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