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Damaged Cyborg Ninja statue by Gecco on display at Wonder Festival 2024

Wonder Festival, the event held twice a year in Chiba where toy manufacturers show off their new products, is taking place today on February 11th, and one of the figures on display is Gecco’s Damaged Cyborg Ninja, which was announced alongside the launch of the Master Collection in October of last year. This is a 1/6 scale statue of Gray Fox from Metal Gear Solid after his arm has been severed by Metal Gear Rex. The official Gecco Corp Twitter account posted a photo of their stand at the venue, and the official Japanese Metal Gear Twitter provided a close up picture of the famous character.

Update: Gecco Corp shared some more pictures:

“The painted prototype was unveiled at Wonder Festival. Please wait a while until the pre-order starts.”

Previous Metal Gear characters by Gecco are another statue of Gray Fox, as well as Snake, Raiden, Quiet and the Wanderer from Metal Gear Survive.

Source: Metal Gear Official Twitter, Gecco Corp Official Twitter

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