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Bloody and battered Cyborg Ninja statue by Gecco now available for pre-order

Toy manufacturer Gecco Corp has opened pre-orders for their damaged Cyborg Ninja statue, officially called ‘The Final Battle Edition’. As the name implies, the statue portrays Gray Fox as he appears during his final battle in the game, with his arm torn off by REX and his helmet visor destroyed. The official description of the 1/6 scale statue reads as follows.

“Metal Gear Solid/Cyborg Ninja 1/6 Scale Statue” released in 2019 is now available as the final battle version.

He joins the protagonist Solid Snake in his confrontation with the nuclear-equipped bipedal tank “Metal Gear REX”, and recreates the state in which he is seriously injured.

His left arm, which was severed by the laser cannon fired by REX, is vividly sculpted and colored, revealing the inside of the reinforced exoskeleton.

The severely damaged helmet is made with precision, from the small cracks to the fragments of the visor, and inside you can see the expression of Gray Fox who has regained his sense of self.

The motif of the pedestal is the underground evacuation route of the nuclear weapons disposal site on Shadow Moses Island, where the fierce battle with REX took place.

The company also provided a ton of photos, some of which can be seen below. For the rest of the pictures head to the official Gecco website.

The statue will release between August and October of this year. Other Metal Gear statues by Gecco include another statue of Gray Fox, as well as SnakeRaidenQuiet and the Wanderer from Metal Gear Survive.

Source: Gecco

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